Friday, October 20, 2006

Festival Time!

Happy Deepavali, Folks!

Yup, this is my own effort at rendering a lamp in MS-Paint. It already looked juvenile enough, so decided to not add the "glow" around the flame (which made it look like the flame was shedding fur :-().

Do eat lots of sweets and wear new clothes! I am already doing the former thanks to my wonderful parents who sent me sweets :-D. I am definitely going to try to do the latter too. People in India will have the additional joy of bursting fire crackers. And yes, don't forget to light lamps!

Wishing you all a colorful, sparkling and joyous Deepavali :-D!


Thanu said...

Lamp does look good...

Happy Deepavali.. so what r u making today? Come home we can share Kesari.

PRIDERA said...

Happy Deepavali to you too Archana

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hey that's a real good one. The colors are very much in harmony. Good!

I was trying something similar on MS Paint for a couple of hours, to come up with something for Diwali. But after many failed attempts I think my lamp looked only close enough to an eye. So I gave that up, and just drew a scenery! :-D

Happy Diwali to you too! Have fun! And btw, I bought the plants and they are gracing my patio right now. Will post about it!

Anonymous said...

eat lots just leave ur dieting back(it aint needed atlestnot during diwali)...

B o o said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Diwali, Archana.

The Kid said...

The jpeg noise is adding nice effects. Happy deepavali!

Prabhu said...

Good job at the lamp. So now you have lit a lamp too :)

Happy diwali to you too!
Enjaai the day, with good food(beg, borrow, steal..) :D

pidhamagan said...

Nice one indeed ..

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Arch,
Nice art work indeed! Diwalie wishes to you too. Hope you had a blast.

Shilpa said...

Hey the lamp looks very good !

Happy Diwali to u too !!

I made payasam and it was yummy :)

Archana said...

Thanu - thank you :-D! I did not make anything - got others to do it for me :-D!

Pridera - thank you :-)!

Archana - ah, you flatter me :-D! I liked your MS paint picture! Will wait for your plant post :-).

iamvisheshur - I sure am doing that - now am looking into cranes as an alternate means of transportation :-D! Thank you and hope you had a nice Diwali too!

boo - thank you :-)!

Pratap - ah, are you a graphics major or sth? Thank you! Hope you had a nice Diwali.

Prabhu - LOL :-D! Yup I did enjoy, without cooking myself ;-P!

Pidhamagan - thank you :-)!

Saranya - yup, I had a good time :-) - thank you :-)!

Shilpa - thank you :-D! Payasam ellam panni kalakku!!

spark said...

happy deepavali lady.

Ginkgo said...

happy diwali :-)
for a change, after a long time, got to see fire works during this diwali.
The local temple in Chicago, must have gotten permission to do so..Was very very good that even the rains dint become a dampener...:-)

Archana said...

Spark - thank you :-)!

Ginkgo - Thank you! Wow - that's so cool!!

Ajay Kumar said...

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