Thursday, December 14, 2006

'Tis the season

... to stuff yourself.

I went to the office kitchen after lunch to fetch a cup of coffee. There was a small crowd around the table in the kitchen-center. The reason was soon evident - the table was sagging under the weight of delicious looking cookies, candies, chocolates, crackers, cheese and nuts - someone's gesture of appreciation.

Within a space of a few seconds, without even consciously stopping to think about it, I had joined the crowd and had stuffed myself with a yummy mint chocolate rock, a very sticky but super yummy English candied toffee and a butter cookie stuffed with fudge.

Self-control, where art thou? Apparently it is with all the people who religiously stick to salads and always daintly refuse anything which remotely resembles real food.

But ah, really happy people eat real food* :-D - and I am a really happy girl 0:-). That's why I am especially glad that this is just the beginning of the goodie deluge.

Enjoy the season folks :-)!

* I concede - I so totally made that aphorism up. But it sounds true, doesn't it :-P?


iamvisheshur said...

real food lovely ppl who avoid chocolates need to be burnt(except the old or ppl with disease)...
and ya good ppl eat real what evr way u see it..

Archana said...

iamvisheshur - I SO totally agree with the logic - hehehehe :-)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arch,

Of course! :--) And it sure is difficult to have self control with all the goodies stacked up right under our noses, especially if you are loveeee eating.

Holidays sure is a tough season to try to be in control.

Happy holidays. Have a lottt of fun and eat a lotttt of goodies :--))


Not able to log into blogger :--(

Madhu said...

yea today was a holiday lunch at my work place. there were 2 tables, 1 with "food" and the other with "real" food.

I directly landed at the "real" food section! Wow what an assortment of cheese cakes!

happy holidays!

- madsies
Some reason the blogger is not allowing me to post the comment :(

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hey guys! I am done with school!

Its time for Food, festivity, Fun and freedom - Yahoo! :-)

pratap said...

"really happy people eat real food"

sumaara irruku. Sounds like a McDonald's ad. ;p

Actually it does not make sense. What about sad people? can't they eat real food? Will eating real food alone give you happiness? Logic, where art thou?

The previous post was about getting fat and this one is all about a super-high-calorie diet. what's up Arch?

Archana said...

Saranya - Wonder why blogger is acting so strangely of late :-(! I know - that's why when you can fight it, join it and more importantly, enjoy it :-)! Have a goody-filled holiday season too :-D!

Madhu - heheheheh :-))! Welcome buddy :-)! Cheese cakes - yummmmmmmmm! Blogger X-(!

Archana - yipppeeee :-D! We want more posts now, dear lady :-)!

Pratap - I did not say that sad people are sad because they do not eat real food nor did I say that food is the only source of happiness. I only said that eating real food will make you happier (I do feel good when I eat nice food). Ah, so you noticed - was wondering if someone will :-)!

anita said...

Aha. I can identify with that after yesterday's office binge - resolutely refused to take butter biscuits, mixture, samosas and then just kept taking huge helpings from other peoples plates.

Archana said...

Sindu - hehehehe - calories from food eaten from other people's plates don't count ;-)!