Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello there pretty lady!

Recent conversation between me and a female colleague at work:

N: We need to discuss this at the meeting and... hey, have you worn make-up today?

Me: (surprised that someone actually notices on the rare occasions I wear make-up to work) Yeah, I used mascara - thought I should try to use it at least once in a while.

N: Oh really? But you already have long and curly eye-lashes! Why do you need mascara?

Me: (feeling all flattered and happily rocketing towards cloud 9) :-)!

N: That's why I can't even see the difference you know. I can't tell you have used mascara.

Me: (puzzled) Oh! But didn't you just now ask me if I have worn make-up?

N: Oh, I was referring to your purple eyeshadow!

Me: Huh!?! What purple eyeshadow? (realization dawning and rapidly falling from cloud 9 to core of the earth -9) Oh no - that's not make-up. Those are the dark circles I got due to lack of sufficient sleep.

N: (sounding embarrassed) Oh! (brightening up) But you know what, you should be happy! It looks like make-up and you did not even have to spend time on it!

Me: Yeah right, whatever!

*Sigh* and so life goes on!


Saranya Kishore said...

LOL! :--)
Hey I didnt think your Florida travelogue was boring. :--)

Archana Bahuguna said...

:-) That's hilarious ... but you should feel good that your dark circles not only go unnoticed but are also complemented upon :-).. to me people say, you are looking "Soooo weak" :-(

Sachita(india) said...
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iamvisheshur said...


Archana said...

how rude of her! btw another archana here :)

Archana said...

Saranya - :-D - thanks man, I knew I could count on you to be nice :-D!

Archana - That's how I am trying to console myself too :-(!

iamvisheshur - LOL :-D!

Archana - Welcome aboard!