Sunday, March 25, 2007

And ...

... I'm back!

Past two days has been a flurry of unpacking (oh well, not really, today has been the actual unpacking, I spent the rest of the time contemplating whether to unpack), calling up people, sleeping and generally disbelieving that I was actually away on vacation for almost five weeks (*sigh*, where did all the time go :-().

Anyway, most significant event since my return was this: Last afternoon, I decided to go to the post office to post umpteen packages from India to various friends. Now, the post office closes at 4.00 p.m on Saturdays. I dillied and I dallied and finally stepped out of the house at 2.30pm - plenty of time, no? After all, the post office is just a mile away from my house. Well, here is what happened:

2.31pm: Stepped into parking lot. Noticed my black car had taken on a delicate shade of cream color thanks to several multiple layers of dust.

2.32pm: Take out my spanking new, totally cool looking "feather" duster from India and start dusting car.

2.34pm: Wow, this duster is really good.

2.40pm: Beat out the last of the dust out of the duster and toss it into car boot. Car looks almost clean. Nice!

2.41pm: Step into car, insert keys and turn on ignition.

2.42pm: Engine goes *knock*, *cough*, *splutter* and refuses to start.

2.44pm: Several repetitions of previous state provides conclusive evidence that the car battery is super dead. *Sigh* and I thought only I had post-vacation blues :-(!

2.45pm: Call AAA and send frantic SOS. A technician will be there to help me out by 3.33pm. What!?! 3.33pm? You mean the 3.33pm which comes 27 minutes before the post office closes at 4.00pm - oh no, oh no, oh no!

2.50pm: Update from AAA - technician will arrive in next 15 minutes max. Phew!

3.00pm: Watch AAA truck whiz past my apartment complex from my vantage point outside my apartment complex.

3.03pm: AAA coordinator: Where are you - our technician can't find you outside your apartment? Grrr!

3.15pm: Walk to the AAA truck parked in front of the wrong apartment complex - AAA technician and I finally meet. Drive back to my apartment complex in the AAA truck and AAA technician meets my car.

3.21pm: AAA technician: Your car battery was just dead but it is working, so no need to replace. Hallelujah :-D!

3.23pm: AAA technician: That's right, just put your foot on the accelerator and let your car run for 20 minutes. Oh okay!

3.23- 3.43pm: Car hums while I try to ignore the curious looks I get from other people coming to the parking lot.

3.44pm: Drive to post office. Go, go, GO!

3.50pm: Parking lot of post office is choking full.

3.52pm: Parallel park on the road. Car is now parked practically in the middle of the right lane. Darn!

3.54pm: Parallel park again - car no longer in middle of right lane. Cool!

3.56pm: Arrive running at the post office, lugging two bags full of packages. *Huff* *Puff* - please God, please let them not close the post office now!

4.05pm: Post office no longer allowing new customers - but I am already being helped. Yaaaay :-D!

4.17pm: Everything safely mailed out - I am the last remaining customer. Post office staff patiently wait for me the clear out so that they can shut the office for the day.

4.21pm: Back in car with a huge grin. Never knew just posting packages could bring about such a feeling of accomplishment :-D!

Yup, story over and yup, there is nothing more to it.

p.s. Like it or not, regular blogging on this blog will be resumed from now on.


iamvisheshur said...

:-)cars are cars,post offices are post offices (-:

rads said...

hehe, yayy on Mission Accomplished!
May your entertaining blog flourish and prosper :)

J said...

Lucky you :-) Welcome back :-)

Dushti said...

First time here. Enjoyed reading a couple of your posts :-)

Saranya Kishore said...

Welcome back!! :--)
Please do keep up your note in p.s.

Did you remember to post some sweets for me? :--D

Archana said...

iamvisheshur - Ah, what a stunning revelation :-P!

Rads - :-D - thank you :-)))!

J - thank you :-)!

Dushti - Welcome aboard! Thank you :-)!

Saranya - Thank you :-))! What is your address - I can still mail out sweets :-)!