Friday, May 11, 2007


I created a new gmail account sometime back (four months ago, I guess). Now I need to remember the account name. No, my life does not depend on it. No one else's life depends on it either. But I am obsessed. I need to remember it RIGHT NOW. Fifteen minutes of hard-core thinking and trying has gotten me nowhere. I don't want to spend any more time on this. But I don't think I will find peace till I do remember.

Any help, anyone? Or is it high time I booked an appointment at the OCD-treatment clinic :-(?

Update, 4.27pm, Friday, May 11 2k7: Yaaaay! Yes, yes, yes! I remembered. Now my soul will be able to rest in peace :-P!


rads said...

ok, Ive been there, so here's how I salvaged - though in my case I forget passwords!
Anyways, didn't you create the new gmail from your old gmail? Usually an email comes linking the two and all that good stuff?

next line of thinking - everyone of us have a pattern in creating usernames/pwds - whats yours? Also, why did you create the new one.. ;-))
Hope that helps, if not, don't worry, such obsessions have a short attention span too :)

T said...

more importantly..
our soul's(?) wont rest in peace until we know what that username is?

vishesh said...

i was coming to suggest that you get a new one :)

SK said...

LOL!! :--)
Good you found out.

Archana said...

Rads - thanks for the tips. Brilliant me had thought that deleting all those linked emails would save so much space (yeah right) and had deleted them all :-((! The association finally came back to me in a moment of epiphany - yaaay :-D! And yeah, you are right, the obsession wore off after a bit :-)!

T - LOL :-D! It was just a variation of my usual email id :-))!

Vishesh - ah, then I would lose the info in the old one, won't I?

SK - heheh :-)! I know!

Saumya said...

Well.. as for the OCD, I am sure a lot of us are already there. When I can't remember something, it will whirring in the back of my mind - before PHAM! When the context of the conv has completely changed, I will have to declare what I remembered. That brings a lot of sad shaking of heads, and pitiful glances - but hey!

Archana said...

Saumya - OMG, that is me from start to finish!!