Sunday, July 08, 2007


"Oh yes, there is apparently an awesome shoe sale going on at DSW - check it out if you were thinking of buying shoes", I helpfully told my male friend K yesterday.

K thought a bit and said, "Hmm, I need shoes, maybe I will go."

I conversationally added, "Actually I was thinking of going today to check the sale out. But I don't have the mood to buy shoes right now - so maybe I will go tomorrow."

K looked flabbergasted and asked, "Mood to buy shoes? What do you mean you don't have the mood to buy shoes today?"

I stared back at K, wondering which part of "I don't have the mood to buy shoes" was difficult to comprehend.

K continued, "You just need to know the size and the color you want and you are all set to buy!"

Hahahaha - that's where perception of shoe-shopping differs between males and females. My usual definition of shoe-shopping is this:
  • Go to the shoe-store with plenty of time to spare.
  • Walk up and down the aisles checking out the shoes on display.
  • Try on any shoe which catches my fancy, irrespective of price or utility or color.
  • Try on even weird looking shoes just to see just how weird they can look.
  • In between all these steps, *if* I like a pair and it is priced right, add it to my shopping bag for future billing.
  • Repeat the above process till I run out of aisles or I get bored, whichever comes first.
You need to have a proper mood for doing this, no? How boring to simply go to a shoe store, armed with a size and a color, and coming out in five minutes!

I think (or at least hope) I am not alone. My female friend C was the one who called me on Friday evening, sounding like Christmas had arrived early. "Arch, you wont believe this - DSW has designer shoes at upto 80% off. Yippee!" She continued talking with some more breathlessly excited statements. And finally said, "Check them out. I would like to talk to you longer but I need to continue shopping.Tata!"

Today I went to DSW. C had not been kidding. The sale was really, really, really good. All the women folk inside the store looked like they had attained nirvana and were inside heaven. The men folk looked like they would rather have been at any other place on earth at that point than at the shoe store.

Oh well :-D!


Archana Bahuguna said...

I ditto that! I recently "had" to buy new shoes because I was going to a birthday party in a different city and realized I did not have matching shoes. Inder spent a hard time in the store with me, while I literally tried and tested everything available till I compromised on one. Generally I shop alone (this goes back circa 1998 when I turned 18 and my mom told me she had no more patience to be with me while I was shopping) :-)).

The Kid said...

It is very understandable. Actually I have seen men do the same thing in a gun store. Just holding different kinds of weapons, and mimicking firing at imaginary targets in the store.

Entropy said...

Really nice post.
Am forwarding the link to my shoe-buying-fanatic imelda-marcos-resembling friends.

Anita said...

wow! i was just thinking of putting up something on shoes after yesterday's shoe shopping spree at discount sale. and there you go. good stuff.

rads said...

hey, is this all DSW shoe store sale or just you special folks in CA? :P

Archana said...

Archana - hehe:-)- I so totally understand. I like shopping alone better either - that way there is no guilt about making anyone wait :-D!

Pratap - gun store?? Nee eppo gun store poney? And more importantly, edhukaaga poney:-P?

Zen - thank you :-D - much honored!

Sindu - Thank you:-D!

Rads - I think it is an all-DSW sale. Yesterday was originally supposed to be the last day - C just informed me today that its been extended till July 17th or so - go check it out :-)!

dina said...

oh!...Only last week i bought a pair josef seibel shoes.....

Divya said...

Hahahaha its so true! men and women are eons different when it comes to shopping.. a friend once asked me- "you don't KNOW what you want to buy? Why are we going then!?" :)