Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A song, a movie and a tribute

Jason Mraz's I'm yours is so cheerful. I simply couldn't help breaking into a grin and moving my head to the beat even the first time I heard it on my car's radio:

What do you think? Or are you already twirling around your computer :-)?

Children of heaven
After a long while, this was a movie-watching experience I simply savored. Unfortunately, though I generally do not favor a split movie-watching experience, I had to spread watching this movie over a span of several days. But each time, within minutes of resuming the movie, I was totally drawn into its world. The child artists are awesome. The relationship between the brother and sister is so true to life. I especially loved the scenes where the brother offers the sister a long pencil as a peace offering (and as a bribe to not tattle), the fun they have while washing the shoes, how the sister confesses after all her bravado that she would not have complained about the brother to their parents anyway - okay, I don't want to blow it for the folks who haven't seen the movie yet. But suffice to say that the movie brought back fond memories of my own childhood relationship with my sister. No matter what the place, the language or the culture, some fundamental bonds are the same the world over, no?

If you have not watched this movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. If you still have your doubts, it just may convince you that no matter how bitter sweet life might be, the sweetness is perhaps always a wee bit stronger than the bitterness.

Author Michael Crichton passed away :-(! MC kept me engrossed through long flight journeys, extended transit times and many long lazy holidays. Who is going to make reading about science such a thrilling ride now? Who is going to make me gobble up so much technical info with such great alacrity now? I hope you have got one of the plummest spots in writer heaven, MC! You sure deserve it! I will miss your writing so much. RIP.


SK said...

Hey Arch,
I have never cared much for English songs, but this one really make my tap my feet. Very cute, the carefree-ness, shows.
Crichton is dead?! Waaah! Reading Jurassic Park, tensed on a rainy day is still in my memory, although his stds have fallen way below lately.

Bharathis said...

Dad said he misses Crichton too and I agree with him. What Crichton wrote about nano-particles in 'Prey' seems to be coming true now!

Saumya said...

I am spot on about Crichton. I actually had an empty feeling in my mind for a while - what a beautiful mind?!

Children of Heaven - is one of my favourite movies. The children have acted admirably and the story definitely touches a chord

Rajiv said...

Mmm ... thanks for the movie recommendation. Will watch with my litle sis the next time I'm in India. Other reviews are good too :)

And mmmm ... the song is also nice :)

Anonymous said...


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Archana said...

SK - cool that you liked it :-)!

Bharathis - I know!

Saumya - I know - sad :-(! Oh ya, movie was too good!

Rajiv - enjoy! Let me know how you liked them!

Ray - welcome aboard!