Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alive (and bigger)

Vanakkam! Just a post to state that I am very much alive. This has to be my *most* hectic trip ever to India - I have barely watched Sun music (on my last trip my sister threatened to cut off the cable connection since my insistence on lounging on the sofa all day long with Sun music on full blast (to catch the latest songs' visuals, you see) was getting rather unbearable), have watched just one movie in the theatre, have found time to shop for beautiful Indian western wear only in week 4 of my stay and have sorely neglected my poor blog. Phew or what!

Anyways, after spending most of my first week back home too ill to get out of bed and sick enough to even shun food completely *gasp* (I know!) , I am now catching up on the gastronomic front with the enthusiasm of a desert traveler stumbling upon an oasis. Also been traveling like crazy. And been meeting a lot of relatives and friends. Did I tell you how much fun I am having? I don't feel like leaving India.

Which reminds me - I am back in the US on December 28. Please cheer me up. I will very badly need all the cheering up I can get.


anamikatalks said...

Can very well relate to the feeling! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Laksh said...

Sounds like a fun filled adventure. Will remember to cheer you after you are back. :D

rads said...

Sure thing, just my countdown posts are waiting for you. This time no polis :(

No, not coz am not making them as am pressed for time, but coz I'd make them and promptly eat them with nothing to spare for you :P

J said...

oyee, India trip cooool :-) nalla enjoy panu :-)

Am missing my home already, it has been more than a year now :(

4 weeks vacation is nice! Eat nice food and have a wonderful time :-)

vishesh said...

where you staying?

buddy said...

desert traveler stumbling upon an oasis! lol

SK said...

Arch!! Welcome back! Dont worry you will have all the cheering up needed. :--D
Hope you had a great time! Time does fly na, it felt like only last week you were talking abt your India trip :--) And you are already heading back.

CM-Chap said...

Ah, u too... Lets cheerup each other. I came back frm Indian On Jan 1st. believe me, Im yet to be really back to US mentally.... But u see, no other choice.

Archana said...

Anamika - welcome aboard :-)!

Laksh - you did not :-(!

Rads - adi paavi, me wants poli, me wants poli.

J - when going next?

Vishesh - stayed in Chennai maanagaram mainly.

Buddy - welcome aboard :-)!

SK - and I am back :-)!

CM-chap - ya, that getting back to reality part sucks!