Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bollywood shining

All the hype* around Slumdog Millionaire already had people buzzing about India in the USA. And then A. R. Rahman goes and wins a Golden Globe award - how cool is that?

A couple of days later I was idly browsing through Time magazine (don't you think they publish the mag way too fast? I am barely done with one before I am picking out the next from my mail box) when I thought I had read the word Chandni (Hindi word for moon) in the shortlist section in the last but one page where they usually list out a bunch of notable (according to them) movies/books/music etc. I did a double take and sure enough, the last item in the short list of five was "Chandni Chowk to China" - what!?! A full-fledged Bollywood masala movie actually made it to the review section of a mainstream English magazine published in the US! I was totally thrilled - first AMC, Century theatres et al. start showing Indian movies and now this! Woohoo. Of course, they might have showcased a better movie** - still, bad movie better than no movie, no?

Finally, two days ago, gossip about the Bollywood actress in Slumdog Millionaire, Frieda Pinto, got featured on my local radio show. Yes people, gossip! Bollywood has totally arrived and is here to stay! Yaay!

Yeah, yeah I know I will enjoy Indian movies regardless of whether they arrive or depart or whatever. But cheap thrill is still cheap thrill only. Add also the joy of sitting in comfy AMC seats while doing the above said enjoying ...

And oh, Joy passed me a tag - this being easy tag and all, I am doing it immediately. Basically I had to take a pic of the front of my fridge and post it (or something to that effect).

As you can see, it is filled with magnets of places I have visited in the past 5.5 years or so. The only exceptions to the rule are the magnets from Dubai, China and London and the solitary postcard of NZ - all gifts.

I hit upon this brilliant idea of magnets as a cheap and easily transportable souvenir sometime in 2003 and have since been diligent about collecting them (sometimes friends/relatives have been bugged and begged to buy the needful in case I forget). As much as possible, I have tried to buy different patterns of magnets - that being about the only variety I can add to my standard souvenir. No magnets from India though - guess I have never actually seen souvenir magnets in India, have you?

Anyone who thinks their fridge front needs publicity :-) is welcome to pick up the tag!

* not yet seen the movie so don't know if there is actual substance to the hype.
** again I haven't seen this movie but the reviews were pretty bad.


vishesh said...

its hype i heard :)

Bharathis said...

We saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is a watchable movie with good screenplay, every scene being tied together with the previous and next ones. India's poverty and criminal world are the backdrop of the film, as the story demands it. Unfortunately for us Indians, it irks us for our country to be shown in such a negative light! Otherwise it is a gripping movie.

Joy said...

Your fridge looks coool!!! :)

I am yet to watch both those movies...

Ralph Leonard said...

Hi, Did you see the feature on Bollywood on NBC News tonight? Very impressive.

Floridora said...

I would probably say the same thing that Leonard fellow said. Computers, Ugh!

Archana said...

Vishesh - I keep hearing mixed opinions - I think I need to see the movie for myself to judge!

Bharathis - I guess it grates especially when you walk away with the feeling that the "good" side has not been as much coverage!

Joy - thank you :-)!

Floridora - Ah, my astute senses managed to see through your alter ego ;-)! Nopes, no cable at home and hence no TV-watching :-(! Maybe I should hunt on Youtube.