Thursday, March 12, 2009

Status update

I know there are at least two people who *will* read this blog irrespective of what I write in it: 1. Mommy dearest 2. SK. At least they have promised so. So I shall assume they do and keep up my word of trying to post at least once a week.

So, what have I been upto?

- I have officially gotten green tea mania. All efforts by parents/friends to make me drink green tea the past few years have resulted in me going, "Yuck, this so tastes like boiled green leaves" except when I am downing it with Chinese or Japanese food. But a few weeks ago I got sudden inspiration (I read plenty of great things about green tea, which I have read before too - but the stars aligned that day) to inculcate green tea into my daily diet. The first few days were torture - I had to mask the taste of the tea with other condiments and had to force myself to gulp it down while scrunching up my face in a very unladylike manner. But soon the tasted started to grow on me. Believe it or not folks, I have now given up on my morning and noon-time coffee and replaced it with green tea and drink at least three cups a day - yaay! Now whether this change is actually having any effect on my health is completely debatable. At any rate, I feel highly virtuous when I thumb my nose at the coffee pot while passing it in the kitchen!

- This crazy California weather is driving me crazy. Some nights start out warm only to turn extremely cold by day break. Other nights start out cold and become all warm and cozy by day break. Since I am too intent upon sleeping to either pull on another comforter or take one off the huge pile on top of me, I wind either shivering or sweating on most mornings. Aaaaaargh!

- Adjusting to the day light savings time change this year was a breeze. I had a class to go to on the morning of the DST change and hence could not sleep in and had to get up per the adjusted time. Thus I did not have to experience the shock of finding the time ahead of what I had expected it to be all day. After 7 years of going through DST change, I finally realize that all I had needed to not feel grumpy when DST began was to get up by the adjusted DST clock as soon as it changed. Oh well, better late than never!

- Never buy that big bag of spinach from Costco unless you have to feed a family of 10 adults. Seriously, that bag is like an akshaya-patram - never ending. I have eaten enough spinach in the past one week to turn me into a green-hued human being. Yet I still have more than one third of the bag left to finish. I think I am going to take the advice of my colleagues and boil and freeze the rest of it for future use to avoid automatic gag-reflex at the sight of spinach.

- Everyone should invest some money in the stock-market and/or join some kind of fitness program just so they have something to talk about at the office lunch hour. These topics provide an inexhaustible source of conversation and also help tremendously in redirecting conversation when it starts heading towards details of how little Munna/Chutki/Poppins celebrated their birthday or starts a "my kid is smarter/is naugtier/eats worse than yours" contest.

- I really ought to come up with better topics for a blog post. I think I have caught a particularly virulent strain of writer's block. Get well soon to me!


Anonymous said...

well, you can make me #3 in your list. I might not comment and I am probably rude enough not to reply to your nice email but I follow this blog consistently.

- T

rads said...

Am very miffed that you didn't list me as a faithful reader :(

You bought that spinach bag? Even we don't buy that at home and I have a large family, with kids who actually like that green thing!

Why don't you do the writing prompt thing? It's actually quite nice :)

Floridora said...

I think you have a secret wish to get a bunny rabbit that you can cuddle and feed spinach.

And I am a constant reader even if I don't always comment.

bincy said...

U have more than 2 readers :) I'm still ard, and I do read all ur posts

CM-Chap said...

Add me too in the list...

Green tea..For long time I wanna change to it..Yet to happen.

Costco Spinach... Oh girl. Did u read my mind. Jst this evng me & my roomie was talkg abt the same. Because it nvr ends...

Keerai Poriyal, Keerai Kootu, Keerai Masial.. evrytg done.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Try "Tazo Zen" Green tea at Starbucks (just in water and if you like, add sugar) and tell me that you loved it. Its heaven!

SK said...

Yes yes am reading it :--)
Welcome to the Green Tea Club! :--)
I like Bigelows Green Tea with Lemon. U can add real slice of lemon too, it tastes heavenly! :--)

And Arch, we got Costco membership only when parents came, otherwise anything from there is too much for two of us, I can only imagine for one person! :--)

Keep writing more often gal!

vishesh said...

and you counted me out!! my so much for sincere following :) so now I won't read your blog any more..kaa... :D

Archana said...

Ah i see you got the tea addiction too! in my case its the Oolong tea which apparently has some weight-reducing sure reduced the weight in my purse!
if you stay around the Cupertino area ,check out the Ten Ren shop in the Ranch Market square.

-yet-another-Archana :)

Saumya said...

You left me out too! Gosh - your blog is popular girl!

I have been trying to start the green tea regime - as you can see the enthusiam seeping through, I am going to start next year maybe!

Archana said...

I am so touched that my regular reader list extends to more than 1 reader (mom being family really does not count).

To all the folks who have pledged readership, thank you, thank you :-D! I wasn't trying to discount you, it was that only mom and SK have so far verbally told me that they will read any bilge I write :-))! Now I know I have more readers - yaaay!

And guess what, in spite of all those remarks about spinach, I did manage to finish eating the contents of the entire bag without wasting anything. Now, aren't you all proud of me :-D? Nopes, no bunny to help me out (there, Floridora) and thanks for reminding me about Spinach masiyal, CM-chap :-)!

The various green tea suggestions sound great - shd try them!

And to my new commenter - welcome aboard, Archana :-)! LOL @ oolong tea.