Friday, April 17, 2009

Technology ki jai ho

Have you folks seen this video clip from Britain's Got Talent show, yet? If not, please, please, please do:

Isn't it amazing? I actually got goosebumps on my skin when I heard her sing the first bar!

I saw the video for the first time about a bunch of days back when it was linked on the popular India Uncut blog. Since then everywhere I turn, I seem to be seeing news about this lady. First, it was all over the internet news sites and blogs. Then, this morning, while at the gym (yup, no cable so no TV watching at home), I saw a news clip on CNN in the morning news about the sensation Susan Boyle has caused!

I have obviously never met her, but Susan Boyle comes across as a very optimistic, upbeat and sweet person. Since the time I saw the video I am rooting for her. Everytime I hear or read something positive about her, the voice inside my head goes "yaaay"!

When I saw the news on CNN this morning, it struck me all over again as to just how much technology has helped us in shrinking our world. Ten years ago I am very sure I would have never heard about Susan Boyle and quite probably neither would have any person living outside of Britain. Now all it takes for me is a few clicks to find out not only who the person is but also what the sang and how they sang it! Wow!

Really - information overload is sometimes sweeeeeeeet!


Saumya said...

Yep....but it also makes weeding out necessary info difficult sometimes, don't you agree?

Archana Bahuguna said...

I love her too!

Sometimes I feel internet is very distracting too. Just the fact that we can search and find almost anything on google, we run to it every time out of curiosity even when we were onto something more important.

Archana said...

Saumya - oh ya, when looking for specific info, it is too much overload!

Archana - I am totally with you on that! I blame the internet for countless lost hours!