Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Yesterday was my second fitness class after a longish break of about two months. I have said it before and I say it again - it is highly unfair as to how it takes several months to reach a certain level of fitness and how only a few weeks break undoes all the good work. Unfair, unfair, unfair!

Anyways, considering that these days I am looking more and more like a well-iced snow-woman, not to mention puffing like a steam-engine at the slightest exertion, I am nevertheless dragging myself to class and putting myself through the grueling workout.

So, last evening, I followed the teacher as closely as I could. Still, at the end of class I felt a bit bad that for a couple of exercises, for a short while, I had not been able to keep up. I finished putting away my stuff and was about to leave when another fitness-class participant called me and asked "How long have you been doing this?". And then continued, "I have been watching you as I could not see the instructor from where I was. O boy, you did all those tough exercises without a break - that is so awesome! I wanted to know how long it takes to get there."

I was so delighted to hear this - I am not as unfit as I had imagined then! This is exactly the boost that I need to keep me going. So maybe next week I will not whine quite so much as usual before class. Amen to that.

I don't think I could say it better than this post. Still, I really have to put this down somewhere:

The new mile sur mera tumhara video simply sucks. [Part 1, Part 2]

And not just because I am viewing the original version through rose-tinted glasses (though I admit, I get all nostalgic whenever I hear that tune). According to the new version, present-day India apparently is defined by her actors and actresses. All of whom "emote" the song so well that I felt like someone was drilling my teeth as I watched them.

Sigh - some things are better left alone, no?

p.s.1 What's with Big B speaking out words in the song? I thought everyone was already tired of hearing Big B's baritone voice in almost every movie out of Bollywood. I sincerely hope he gets an incurable case of laryngitis if that is the only way to save us from the misery of hearing him booming everywhere.

p.s.2 Amar Singh did not make an appearance in the video as an extension of the Bachchan ensemble - thank God for small mercies!

p.s.3 I even hated Vikram and Surya in the video. Ya :-(.


Saumya said...

Yep...MSMT has lovely memories tucked awy, right?

SK said...

yaa everything in msmt was sooo made up and filmy, including Vikram and Surya.
And as Krish pointed out, wats with the open arms LOL

Anonymous said...

What abt Deepika Padukone looking like she was advertising for Veet or anne french and Salman looking like he lost his shirt yet again. Amen to amar singh not appearing. I think the older version remains etched because of the beautiful melody that carries through the song..you could even hum the music part. This one is just everywhere. And the length, I was wishing India was not so diverse.

Archana said...

Saumya - yup!

SK - ya, his algorithm had me ROTFL :-D!

Binaryfootprints - lol @ the length. Me too - I could not believe that crap could be carried on for close to 20 minutes. Maybe they did not want any of those mega-sized egos to be hurt with thoughts of insufficient coverage time.