Monday, May 09, 2011


How can I call myself a self-respecting fairly newly-returned NRI if I don't sigh, moan and complain about the weather? So, here goes!

It is so darn, horribly, terribly and infinitely frickin' hot. I now totally believe our bodies are made of of 98% water. Nothing else can explain the amount of sweat I shed every day and the fact that I still haven't run out of sweat. Or maybe it can be explained by the amount of water I drink every day. I drink like a camel. And still can put away more glasses of water at any given point in time. Phew! Summers in Chennai are really, truly HOT.

On the brighter side, with the advent of summer, a whole host of summer fruits have been showing their faces: mangoes, jackfruits, palmyra fruits (nongu), watermelon - yumm! Having to face summer in order to enjoy them even starts to feel worth it when one of those slices of deliciousness are sliding down one's throat!

But, remember that post from before? Kindly ignore the advice in that post at least till August unless and otherwise you are a masochist. The new advice is: at the first sign of a day-long power cut, put on your walking shoes and head out of the house to the nearest fully air-conditioned mall. Do not come back home till you are reasonably sure that electricity has returned to your house.

Like Mom sarcastically said, "The government is so nice. They force us to save on our electricity bills by not supplying any electricity. Then they also make sure we get our daily exercise by forcing us to walk around the mall". Dad quipped, " Yeah, I am planning to send a bill to the government to get reimbursement for all the money I spent as a result of all that mall walking!" See, we can now laugh through our frustration. So much character building, I tell you!

With the temperatures hitting 42C in the past few days, there is finally something I very, very, very much miss about not being in the US. The awesome California bay area weather. Yeah, those were good weather times!

p.s. In the last sentence, I had wanted to link to some post in which I waxed eloquent about the bay area weather. Then I realized, the posts I have about the bay area weather are the ones where I complain about how it was not to my exact specification! Truly, you never fully realize what you had till it is gone!


SK said...

I guess grass is greener on the other side :--)
Weather here is so unpredictable I was beginning to get irritated with the weather.
My parents are here and they are couped up in a room with the heater turned on, just like I used to do when I visited chennai. ;--S

I guess its just a matter of time before you get used to this, after all didnt we spend many years in that very city?

(Sorry long comment ;--))

Sumana said...

LOL cannot agree more. Even when i was a newly returned NRI, I felt BLore weather amazing when compared to the deadly weathers at Chicago.

Anita said...

Is the weather why you have changed your blog colour to a summery blue?

Miles to go said...

You have to bless the government for atleast you have those malls for you rather than being in a place where you dont have electricity & as well as no malls...
I was sad when I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet

Archana said...

SK - unga veetu maadhiri nenachuko - you can comment as long as you like :-). LOL @ your parents - I remember my mom wore sweater and socks all through the months of June and July when my parents visited me in the bay area!

Sumana - you are lucky to be in Bangalore!

Sindu - I was bored!

Miles to go - can I instead look at the people whose governments give them electricity AND malls without the people having to bless them for it?

Reflections said...

Chicago can get really hot and top 100's and no reprieve from our Sun god but off late it is in 85's. So no complaints, Electricity issue needs to be addressed by the govt. it is just bad. May be now the monsoon is up in Chennai, it might be bearable. Best wishes.

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