Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Globe trotter and all

I haven't been exactly trotting the globe. But I had been trotting around two of my must-see destinations - Switzerland and Paris. Yaay!

I saw plenty of beautiful sights and heard plenty of French sounds. However, the first time I thought "I really ought to blog about this" was when I saw the following souvenir at a gift-shop in Lucerne.

Yup, not making this up at all. In case you are wondering, the tin was *empty*. I even shook it to make sure. I laughed for about five minutes and then clicked the picture just so that I could spread the joy further :-D. I only hope the tin was not manufactured in China - heh.

Watch this space for more stories and photographs. Right now I am recovering from the effects of an unwanted souvenir I brought back - a raging cold with cough and fever. Achhooooooooo!


SK said...

Wow!! Yaay!!
Hope you recover soon.
And pretty please entertain us with you famous travelogues I miss it so!
And... do keep the box closed lest you lose your souvenir! :--D

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Ha ha ha ! Thats an interesting souvenir that I've seen so far. Cheer up soon and keep the posts coming along.

Archana said...

SK - adi paavi, yaarachum kaadu kudutha adha vaanguvangala! I can send you Chennai air if you want though ;-)!

Ashwini - :-)

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