Monday, August 15, 2005

On Blogging

There are some blogs that I try to visit regularly (yeah, including the ones on the right side). I am surprised how frequently and faithfully some of those people update their blogs. I only wish I could do the same - but knowing me, its probably not going to happen.

Since I was a kid, I have always prided myself on my writing capabilities. Many people, mostly family and friends, have told me that I do a fairly decent job at writing engaging stuff. I was always under the impression that writing was my "special" gift, given that yours truly has vocal chords that reach the zenith of their talents while singing in the bathroom, drawing skills which last won a prize in third grade, instrument playing capabilities limited to impatient drumming while waiting and so forth. And so, every time I was down, I reminded myself that I was not so unspecial.

That is, until I got introduced to the e-world of bloggers. I am amazed at the number of people who have the knack of writing well. Many blogs are very interesting, entertaining and make compelling reads. And to think that most of them are written by amateur writers. My never-been-strong confidence that I am a "good" writer is now thoroughly shaken. But actually, I dont mind mind too much. After all, reading is my first love and I am thrilled by the availability of new avenues for pursuing my favorite hobby. Of course, I also get the added bonus of appreciating and learning from a wide variety of writing styles!

Vive les blogs!

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Laksh said...

You definitely write well!