Sunday, September 11, 2005

Psychology Test!

Have you heard of this psychological test? One of the questions goes sth like "at which age would you like to remain for the rest of your life"? Apparently, if you say, "my current age" then you are very contented with your life as it is now. I wouldnt say my life as it is right now is terrible or ath like that. In fact, I think I am pretty much happy with the way things are right now. Even then, my answer (which, by the way, has been the same for a long time now) to the question will always be, "I would like to be 12 years old forever".

Because 12 years of age is when I started my 8th grade. And till today, I cant remember any other year in which I enjoyed *each and every* day SO much. And its not even like twinges of nostalgia have embellished that year with more charm than it actually had. I remember being aware that I was having a rip-roaring time even as I was experiencing it! A couple of my friends who were a part of the fun also confess that it was the single most memorable year of their life.

But why? I havent figured that one yet. Maybe it was coz we were young (true) and innocent (?!?) then. Maybe it was because we found fun and laughter in eth. Maybe because we enjoyed and cherished every single experience we had. I really cant say. All I do know is that no matter what the future holds for me, no matter what other memorable experiences I will get to go through, no other year can ever hold quite the same magic as the year when I turned 12! And thats why my answer to the psychology quiz question is always "12 years old".

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