Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things I learnt this Thanksgiving

* on Thanksgiving day, you can park your car right in front of an airport terminal for more than 20 minutes without anyone chasing you away.

* it is possible to have fun with your classmates whom you have never spoken with before when you meet them 4 years after leaving your undergrad college.

* you can bump into someone you really did not want to meet and can do nothing about it other than laugh.

* you can get stuck with carrying an umbrella around for the entire day just because it rained briefly for the few minutes you did not have the said umbrella.

* it is possible for girls to embark on a day of sightseeing and manage to squeeze in an hour of clothes-shopping on the way.

* taking a bus to see the view from Coit tower is a nice way to look smug as the bus whizzes past harried drivers of cars waiting for a parking space.

* the above said Coit tower has a view, no doubt. But no other country would have charged $3.75 a person to see that view.

* Ocean Beach in San Francisco must be a beautiful place in daylight. However during the night of a cold late November evening, it has the potential to freeze off the tip of your nose.

* Some un-informed decisions can force you to travel the entire breadth of San Francisco by bus - only to buy stale bagels at Safeway and return back to the starting point.

* Flights which arrive in San Jose can depart from San Francisco. It is possible to buy your tickets without realizing this.

* During winter, it is a good idea to stay in the sunlit spot of the lake while pedal-boating.

* It is possible to get lost while driving in a place where you have spent 2 years of your life.

* Playing mini golf in the winter season can have similar effects like visiting Ocean Beach. Only difference is that your fingers freeze off instead.

* It is possible for a low amount traffic to go at only 70mph (speed-limit 65mph) on US-101. Apparently cops handing out tickets like Santa Clauses with early christmas presents puts a dent on the speeding instincts of the driving public!

* Learning all of the above with friends is a WHOLE lot of fun!!

My thanksgiving holiday was just great :-D!


Shilpa said...


here's another

* Even if u din't actually experience any of the above; hearing it from a friend over the phone and LOL can be just as fun :-)

Anonymous said...

It was the best thanksgiving trip ever! :) I never got a chance to say bye properly, coz I was dazed after I-don't-know-how-long I slept in the backseat while you were driving. You should also probably mention, that there is no getting away from people at work! Everyone decided to come to SJC and bump into me while am on a vacation. And of course the wish we made 4 years back of meeting M, finally came true ;)

Ginkgo said...

u meant things u 'experienced' dint u :-)

Archana said...

Updated list:

* Even if u din't actually experience any of the above; hearing it from a friend over the phone and LOL can be just as fun :-)

* Hearing a junior tell my friend "paravaleenga 'akka'" was the biggest highlight ...rofl!

* Experiencing sth can also be a learning experience ;-)!

spark said...

so who were the UG friends you never spoke to? ;-)

Saranya Kishore said...

aha arch, get-to?
I am curious if the couple of guys I know from your UG class made it to the getto?

Nicceee write up.

Archana said...

Ah, so much interest over my undergrad classmates :-)! Its my policy to not use actual names on the blog. This gives me some illusion that it gives the people some degree of privacy (hahahaha).

Spark, you might get who they were from these hints - one, M, was our class topper, the second, V, is getting married this Feb and the third, S, went to Univ of Virginia. And of course, the girls A and S who came to visit me.

Saranya Kishore said...

I didnt expect you to spell out the names, anonimity on the web is something very much respect.
Well. I had to comment on
_something_! :)

Archana said...

Oopsie... I *knew* I sounded too hoity-toity when I put that comment in!!! Not a smart remark to make to someone who refers even to her own husband as K on her blogs :-))! My apologies.

Saranya Kishore said...

Heyy Archana,
No worries.. and apologies not accepted. :)))

spark said...

alrite, i get the names, i think :). now do you think it's a good idea to study together again?

Archana said...

Saranya, I accept your not accepting my apologies ;-)!

Spark, seriously, I dont know!!

prasanna said...

>It is possible to get lost while driving in a place where you have spent 2 years of your life.

Are you talking about the City?..in that case, yes..i still miss the exit to get on to Van Ness. The City is a little tricky.

Archana said...

Unfortunately, it was only Mountain View :-((...I went on the wrong direction on Central Expressway.
Yup, driving to SF is a big pain - I think *everyone* gets lost when they use 101 to get to SF for the frist time.