Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tring, tring

I moved to my new apartment on Sunday. The old phone line was supposed to have been moved to the new place on Monday. On Monday evening I found an itemized bill from SBC in my mail for the transfer and I thought, "Gosh, are these guys prompt or what?".

On Tuesday evening, I plugged in my telephone and the sound of no dialtone was deafening :-(. Then I tried my old phone number from my cell to figure out where on earth the connection went to. And was answered by a cheerful pizza order taker at Dominos. What the !@#$%^! Thinking I got the number wrong, I selected the number from my cellphone address book and tried again. And was again answered by the same cheerful pizza guy - this time stating that I still had got the wrong number. These SBC guys botch up in-style or what.

I have made my complaints to SBC today and the automated voice had the nerve to suggest that I *might* have to pay for the requested repair service. Yeah right! Anyways, net-net, I don't have a landline. And resultantly, no DSL at home :-(. SBC said it would take a couple of more days for DSL to turn up. I am hoping that this transfer wont result in a free wireless-hotspot for Domino's customers. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Update, Nov 3, 2005
Someone from SBC did show up yesterday. Obviously, since I was at work, he found the apartment locked and so called me on my cell. I asked him to find the apartment manager to let him in. Turned out that she had already left for the day. In a rare display of enterprise, this technician then traced the telephone connections from outside the apartment till he found my phone line and then fixed it from outside! Now my phone works :-)! And finally, to add the cherry to the cake, the friendly guy also gave me his phone number in case I ran into further problems. A happy ending to a story of botch-ups!

p.s. That my DSL has still not made an appearance is a whole new story...


Shilpa said...

Ayoo Pavam !

Saranya Kishore said...

Hiya, Happy Diwali!

And good luck with SBC. They absolutely su*ck.
My apt had a deal with them, so I am forced to have their phone line and internet.

Archana said...

Surprisingly, as I noted in the post, they fixed the problem yesterday itself :-)! Hoping for a similar miracle with DSL now.

I too hate SBC as a rule - they fleece you like hell for pretty pathetic service...grrr!

Shilpa said...

Are u sure the Phone Guy gave u his phone number just in case of emergency ;-)

Archana said...

Yen solla maata X-(!