Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tips for daily living

What to not eat
The other day I realized I was down to my last bowlful of cereal. Being a "have-to-eat-breakfast-or-will-die-of-hunger" kind of person, I checked out replenishments the very same evening at the local grocery story. I picked out two boxes of cereal. One of them was this:

You might wonder why anyone would voluntarily pick out cereals which promises high fiber, high protein and other high blah, blah. Well, turns out that I have had Kashi cereals before and remember liking them quite a lot. I couldn't remember which exact cereal type it was. But I reasoned with myself - it was a Kashi brand cereal - how bad could it be?

As it turns out, pretty bad. When I opened the box and emptied the contents into a container, my heart sank. For, this was what I saw.

Bits of what looked like round pieces of cardboard, interspersed with what looked like sticks. I got a jolt when I realized I was supposed to eat this.

To make it prettier, I added some soymilk to the mix. Hmm, now it at least looked nice. Well, time to sit back and enjoy.

Right. The first mouthful tasted like cardboard. I haven't eaten cardboard before - but I am kinda sure this is how it would have tasted if I had. By the time I chomped my way through the entire bowlful, my jaws were aching and I was off my morning schedule by some 10 minutes.

Boy-o-boy! I don't like wasting food - so the rest of the cereal has to be eaten up by me. Sigh! Its going to be a long 10 days (I am hoping the cereals will get over by then).

So, tip for the day is: Do not buy Kashi High Fiber cereals unless you like torturing yourself.

Tip for myself: Dear Archu, Kashi is a brand name. They can have many varieties of cereals under the same brand name. You know, kinda like all Toyota cars are not Camrys?

What to not see
This past weekend, my friend and I went to watch the animated movie Cars. With the tickets, we also got a huge bag of popcorn and a huge container of Fanta (when I say huge, I mean HUGE - we could have easily watched four movies with that supply - its a different story that we almost finished the whole thing by ourselves by the end of the movie thanks to not eating lunch) - rewards for watching lots of movies!!

Anways, we settled back to enjoy the show. I love watching movie-trailers almost as much as watching a movie itself. So, there we sat, A and me, busy munching stuff when a trailer for a kids movie flashed on the screen. One of the scenes was a little kid challenging another kid to eat worms. Yeah, worms. Eeeeew - gross! Then the next scene flashed - the kids were throwing the worms into some batter, to fry it.

What the !@#$! A and I tried really hard to control our gag-reflexes as we looked at each other over the bag of popcorn. Scene after scene of how the kids come up with different recipes for cooking worms flashed! By then I had shut my eyes (my self preservation instinct told me that all my digested popcorn and soda could only take so much). Finally they flashed the name of the movie: How to eat fried worms.

You got to be kidding me! They are making a movie about eating worms? Who is going to come and watch it? Are they planning to screen it in a special theatre where simultaneous cleaning-up will also be done for repulsed patrons?

Anyways, the second tip for the day is: If you see worms in the first scene of any trailer in the theatre, keep your eyes shut for the rest of it. And, recommend this movie to people you don't like - heheheh ;-P!

And miscellaneous facts:
When people have digital cameras, they will even take pictures of a bowl of cereal.
When people have digital pictures of a bowl of cereal, they will write a blog post on it :-P!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, in my effort at reducing my daily calorie intake and on S's recommendation on how good Kashi cereals were, I bought the exact same box, and that one time was probably my last Kashi meal. I threw the rest of it away.

Anonymous said...

nice tips...

sreekrishnanv said...

the whole post was ok .. not interesting nor boring ..just looked like info !!

and the misc. info part was amazing ! ... was like a thriller movie...2 hrs boring and last 5 min the thrill !!

Well done !!

Floridora said...

We too have had bad luck at the movies this week. We went to "Break Up" and it was worse than "How to eat Fried Worms". Then we tried to go to "Cars" and there were 200 small children from some summer camp noisily waiting in line. We made a quick switch to "Over the Hedge". Superficially, that was cute, sweet, and all those other saccharin words, but down a layer it was inane.

Archana Bahuguna said...

"I haven't eaten cardboard before .."

That was really funny :-) Too bad u had such a hard time, and I wud say u r one "great" person if u think u r gonna stick with that cereal till it ends!

And those misc facts, make them "Arch's Blogmurphy laws" like Murphy's laws. You know Asimov also made those laws and u never know they may come true some day.

Rajesh said...

And miscellaneous fact No 3: People read this if they have time at their disposal...much like me..

Fact No 4: And also comment on it like me...;-)

ROBBIE said...

miscellaneous facts cont:
when people see a good blogpost even when they see a picture of just a bowl of cereals, they usually do comment on it...
Enjoy the cardboard arch!

Prabhu said...


You should have seen the devilish smile the lady on the right has before buying it, that smile tells it all :)

And the cereal looks like Chex Mix, with all the sticks, did you try eating it without the soy milk, may be its the milk??

As to worms, eeeekkssss!!

dinesh said...

How to eat fried worms ?.. LOL

Have a feeling they titled it that way to get the attention. I mean, the whole movie can't be about how to eat fried worms !

People can write about bowls of cereals that look like sticks and card boards. But only a few can make it interesting too ! ...So, good job ! :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

And since u got me curious about "worms" I googled it and found actually pretty good reviews about the story which is a popular book and supposedly an interesting upcoming movie. I did wish the worms part could be chucked out for something else!

kuttichuvaru said...

worms, ewwwwwwww.....

cardboard cereals, gud luck.....

pics, nice.....

btw, how was CARS??

mrudhu said...

giggles....tat was a riot...
thanks to my health concious mum,i'v taken to cereals in abig way..m a corn flakes person though..takin risks is not too high on my list..on want to eat anythin nasty n be in mortal peril!;-)

Prasanna said...

Lol, that is funny!

Archana said...

Anon - LOL :-D! When S suggested it, you should have immediately become cautious - S is well-known for having a much higher health-food tolerance level than either of us!! Aporam idhu enna pudhusa "reducing my daily calorie intake" - simple-aa dieting-nnu sollu :-P!

Anon2 - thank you :-)!

Sreekrisnanv - I can see that you are trying to say that 99% of the post was boring - in a nice way though :-P!

Floridora - Yeah - I heard "Break Up" was miserable. LOL about the kids - that was how the theatre was when we went to the Finding Nemo noon show - me and my 4 friends were the only adults in the theatre who were not towing along kids! I saw OTH too - I totally agree with your summation!

Archana - :-D! I think I will finish it - its kinda beginning to grow on me (I am using a little cereal and a lot of soy milk - unfortunately this means finishing the cereals is going to take even longer)! I hope I become famous from these "laws" at least :-D!

Rajesh - it is a well known fact that people with lots of time in their hands (read: software engineers ;-)) are the most avid readers and commenters of blogs - LOL :-D!

Robbie - amaam - cardboard-nnu sollittu, adhukku aporam oru enjoy vera :-)!!

Prabhu - now that you pointed out, it does look like those ladies have a conspiring look on their faces ("We had to suffer through eating this. Now you suffer - hehehehe"). Too bad, I did not notice this before buying :-(! I like soy milk - I am able to eat it *only* because of the soy milk!!

Dinesh - believe it or not, the WHOLE movie is about how to eat worms. Really. And thank you :-)!

Archana - yeah, they said it is a popular book - I did some research too after reading your comment :-)! I really can't understand how it became popular! LOL - if the worms were chucked out, the title will not be the same anymore!

Kuttichuvaru - Cars will get an above average rating from me - animation was excellent, story was okay. But you should get a second opinion - I am a big sucker for anyanimated movie and mostly like them :-D!

Mrudhu - very good approach :-)! I think I shd also stick to tried and tested instead of always wanting to try new stuff!

Prasanna - :-D!

spark said...

hey archu, must tell you you are getting funnier by the day ;)

Archana said...

Spark - that supposed to be a compliment?

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Arch,
ROTFL! :--)
Reg. the cereal box, did you see it says "Flakes, _twigs_ and granola"? :--)
And I think the 'Go Lean' one is very good.

And a technical doubt,

The first picture shows a bowl only half full with the cereal, and the second picture shows the bowl almost full with cereal. Why is this so? Do you add so much milk? :--) [Ok dont come and hit me]

Super post!!! :--)

madsies said...

Sheesh! kaashi tastes like dry cardboard(exactly like what you said!) and when in milk tastes like brown paper book covers we used during school days soaked in long waited bowl of milk kept out for long!!
yes I had the pitiful experience when I was trying to act very goody goody as a_first_time_expecting mom!

Ginkgo said...

hmm...The first time I tasted a kashi breakfast bar...I got hooked on to it...:-)

Archana said...

Saranya - I did not notice ath other than the name Kashi :-(! Hmm ... I think Go Lean is the tasty one I had earlier! Hey, the first pic is that of the plastic container in which I stored the cereals... the second pic is the bowl into which I transferred some for breakfast. And though it does not look so, I assure you, the second bowl is *much* smaller!

Madsies - LOL :-D! So nice to know that other people got the same "happiness" I got ;-P!

Ginkgo - Hmm, maybe u had the bar-version of the nice-tasting Kashi variety! You shd try the bar-version of the variety featured on this post and see how it is :-D!