Friday, August 25, 2006


Big trucks on the road! Most of the drivers of these vehicles seem to think they own the road. Actually they might be right considering how easy it is for them to happily run my tiny car over and not even notice it. Of all the drivers for whom I use the f-word in my head, truck drivers merit the distinction the most. They change lanes at will and some times tail-gate you like no one's business.

Anyways, the reason I am ranting is, last night, I had just finished my purchases at the local drug store and was back in my car, about to pull out when I noticed these flood-lights in my rear-view mirror. Darn, it was one of those trucks! I waited for it to move past. Then I realized that the driver wanted my spot and was waiting for me to pull out.

So I started pulling out. And realized that the idiotic driver was waiting too close to my car and I wouldn't be able to pull out easily. So I inched backwards to leverage whatever space I did have when all of a sudden that truck let out an ear-shattering honk. Apparently the driver thought I was too close to the front of his truck. Right, you moron! Maybe you could try moving that huge hulk of your vehicle if you want the spot!

But of course, this being a big truck and all, I did not want to take chances fighting and so instead illegally moved forward and got out through the open space on the other side. I was fumbling with my hands to figure out which finger would be appropriate to stick out but by the time I picked it out I was too far away for it to have any effect. Grrrr!

And then there was the other day when I was waiting at the signal, waiting for it to turn green to make a left turn. All of a sudden, my view of the world behind me got obsured by a two massive headlights and a giant radiator window. Of course, it was one of those gigantic trailer trucks.

Why, oh why, do some of these trucks have to almost put their front wheels onto my car's boot before they stop? I was feeling claustrophobic but there was nothing much to do about it. So I focussed on the song on the radio and waited. When, all of a sudden, there was this ear-shattering honk. I almost jumped out my seat with a "What the heck?" and was bristling with anger as to how rude people can get.

Which was when I noticed, the traffic light had turned green for me - since God knows when and yours truly had been been dreaming and been blissfully unaware of it. Oh.

Sheepishly, I turned left and sped away at double quick speed before the truck could catch up with me and run me over.

Wonder what those truck drivers think of drivers like me!!

p.s. How annoying it is when your alarm refuses to ring on time! Oh well, in this case, I forgot to set it in the first place - still, it was very annoying when I woke up at 9.05a this morning wondering why my sleep time had been so deliciously long! Thanks to all my training in hostel (ha, I knew there would be long-term benefits), I was out of of the house by 9.30a (yeah, with shower throw in) and in at work by 9.45a. I think I was at my desk even before my brain had fully woken up. I would have been grumpy and irritable if not for the fact that today is Friday. Eeeeeehaw :-D! Happy weekend, folks!


Saranya Kishore said...

Yes those truck drivers are crrrrrazy. :-) Though I can imagine having a trucker honk at you. Once I literally surrounded by trucks on the highway, 4 of them, front, back and two on the next lane. Was soooo scared.

9.05!!! :--) When did you sleep? 40 mins between waking and being at work, nice! I learnt that in grad school, 8:15 classes with project nights. Now, though I wake up early, I have to browse the internet before leaving home, even if it is for 5 mins. :--(

Archana Bahuguna said...

he he trucks ... I know. And you cant even avenge these trucks because what if they just hit and run. I mean you can take all the insurance and everything LATER, but you need to be alive for that!

On a philosophical note, I feel when you are elevated geographically, I think it does something to you. I remember when I sat on a UHaul once and the other time when our car was towed I felt a little superior. :-) :-) Maybe that's what they feel. They feel we are ants! Okay, another very long comment, I have to stop here.

ROBBIE said...

Seems like you always like to look at both sides of a coin, first you cursing the truckers and then getting cursed. mm... what would the world be without truckers I wonder..:P (and without this blogsite:P). It happens to be Ganesh chaturthi today and I am just about to devour a kozhakkatai... looking forward to pictures of kozhakatais you made!! haha! happy G chaturthi arch!

The Kid said...

trucks are hard to drive. The stopping distance is much longer than a car that is... the distance from the point the driver applies the brakes to the point where it grinds to a halt.

and it is near impossible to reverse a truck. So, if a truck disturbs you, it might be because of a mistake that they did... and not necessarily rude.

my 2 cents.

Prabhu said...

I guess its a thing of haughtiness that you get based on the size of ur vehicle...
I never tailgate (well almost!), but when I rented a pickup truck a few times, I tailgated and scared ppl sometimes gets to you...

and as to trucks, I had a very close shave when a truck merged onto my lane. apparently i was in his blind spot...(and i ran into the shoulder)
so while passing a truck, I generally dont care about the speed limit, I just want to do it in as little time as possible...

Prabhu said...

is it just me or this blog has not been updated for quite a long time now...???

dinesh said...

Archana - Damn them Trucks ! Have had my share of run ins with them. Some of the worst times were when these trucks on the right lane, slowly inch across my space (on the left lane) completely ignoring my car's presence, and I have a slow-coach in front of me. Your account was funny ! And the clock, you forgot to set it..just as bad is my habit. I turn it off without even knowing that I did it. And I get up 1 hr later than I am supposed to !

Prabhu..It's just you da :)

b v n said...

these eighteen wheelers are crazy stuff...but somehow i like the size...there is this erstwhile truckie working with me...he's so big i usually shift to the right lane when dude walks behind safe :)

Archana said...

Saranya - OMG - trucks on all 4 sides - that must be scaarrrryyy! I slept sometime past 1.00a I think - but yeah, 9.05a was tooo much :-(! Ohhh, u r one of those net addicts :-P!

Archana - LOL, thats so true, no retribution possible! Thats true, I think the size of the vehicle you are in matters a lot! I have noticed my friends drive more aggressively when driving "big" vehicles! I have never driven ath other than cars - so don't know how I will fare :-)!

Robbie - belated happy Ganesh Chaturthi :-)! Guess what, I DID make kozhukattais too - with help from a friend. Devoured them all before I remembered to take pics :-(!

Pratap - that's true. Sometimes I am simply amazed by the way the really big trucks manage to make u-turns without overturning! But many times, I am amazed by absolutely how "king of the road" they act! I guess they have their reasons ...

Prabhu - I shd drive a big vehicle to see how I do :-)! I agree with all your sentiments. This merging lanes without looking has happened a couple of times to me too - boy, is that scary! I think almost all of us start competing in Nascar when passing a truck :-))! I put up a new post :-) - thanks for kandufying!

Dinesh - ah, this slow merging is like watching a horror movie in slow motion - especially when u realize that the driver has not seen u (or is ignoring you, whichever) and you better do something faaaast. I have done the "turn off alarm" thing too :-( - but its good till the time you don't realize it :-))!

b v n - LOL @ your "drive safe" remark :-D!