Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Person

Finally, it happened. After about two and a half years of fairly regular blogging, for the very first time yesterday, I met face to face a fellow-blogger whom I have come to know through blogging :-)! I guess it was only appropriate that the blogger was SK, one of the very first readers of my blog :-)!

After I met her, I realized just how familiar you can become with a person just by reading their blogs. After a single hello, we were chatting nineteen to a dozen just as if we had known each other for a very long time :-)! It was good fun to finally see in flesh and blood a person I have read about so often. A very nice experience altogether.

Which is why I am now looking forward to other such meetings :-)!

p.s. Actually there were three bloggers (including me) there - but I have known Spark from before, so he does not count. Even though he was the reason why the meeting with SK happened in the first place :-).

p.s.1. I met SK's other half, K, too - now I also know the person she writes about so often :-).

p.s.2. SK looks just like her Orkut profile pic and sounds just as sweet as she does on her audio posts :-)!


spark said...

hey, you never mentioned anything about our classmates ;) so the meeting was more about you 2 gals :)

SK said...

Hey Archana,
It was grrreat to meet you finally, I was sooo looking forward to it. I do agree, it felt like we had known each other for a long time. Very sweet of you! :--) And apologies for being late, blame it on the guy you didnt know ;--)
I have to write a post on the meet too, soon.

J said...

Ahaa, nice to know that :-)

Vinesh said...

that's so awesome!
blogs can be a pretty matching description of who you are!

Archana said...

Spark - classmates meet panradhu ellam palaya vishayam :-P!

SK - me too, me too :-D! Looking forward to reading your version of the events :-)!

J - yup yup :-)!

Vinesh - it was :-)! Hmm, I have heard many people say it is not the case - don't know how far that is true!

Ginkgo said...


Joy said...

Archana, It is really nice to meet a person one has known oneline. Till we meet, pls let me know more about you by doing this
tag. Hope you do it if you already have not done it :) (

Compassion Unlimitted said...

I thought Blog is a success since it keeps the anonymity..But great to know you girls hit it off in person too

The Kid said...

this is soooo not fair. California bloggers meet was my idea. I owned copywrite for that... how can you do this to me?

Archana said...

Ginkgo - mmmmmmm?

Joy - I have already done one of those tags. Let me see if I can add a twist to it and do it just like Archana did :-)!

Compassion unlimited - is it possible to be truly anonymous while writing a personal blog :-)?

Pratap - adhu seri! Well, you could have been the first - enna panna!