Friday, November 16, 2007

Om Shanti Om

So this Diwali, the two big Hindi movie releases were Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. For some reason, Saawariya did not appeal to me at all at any time. Om Shanti Om (OSO) was slightly higher on the probability of watching scale inspite of the wariness I felt after seeing Shah Rukh Khan's "Though I may have six pack abs, I look like I am suffering from a terminal disease" OSO stills.

Yesterday, I finally watched OSO. Before going to the movie, I thought that at best OSO would be a brainless and logicless but entertaining movie. And boy, was I right! For a change, inspite of starring SRK in one of his more typical roles, the movie turned out to be total value for money entertainment-wise.

Some thoughts:

- Deepika Padukone looked stunningly beautiful in the first half of the movie. I hadn't been impressed much with her after seeing the movie preview stills and had slotted her into the plastic bimbette category. But turns out she can act as well!

- SRK's much talked about six pack abs did look great on screen. Man, he must have put in quite some effort to get into them into that rock-solid shape. However, one of the scenes in the "item" song featuring him had him dancing in a wet white shirt (!?!) with a seductive look on his face while buckets of water were being flung on him. I found it weird and totally hilarious. My friend V says that was meant to be a parody. Well...

- The Deewangi song featured pretty much the entire Bollywood film industry. It was more like a "Who's who" parade of Bollywood stars and starlets. I had an interesting time trying to recall who the various Ms. Watzisnames and Mr.Whosthats were :-)!

- I think they must have spent a total of 500 rupees on Deepika Padukone's costumes in the second half of the movie. The costumes mostly looked like a bunch of handkerchieves held together at strategic places. I was wondering about the number of safety pins it must have taken to keep those wispy clothes from falling off.

- Was "The Alchemist" credited anywhere in the movie? Some repeatedly used lines from the movie were totally taken from the book!

- This is one of the most ridiculous pieces of news I have read in a while. I can understand Manoj Kumar being upset at being caricatured in OSO. But how the heck did nationalism and patriotism come into the picture? I am going to use Manoj Kumar's logic now and I hereby declare I am a patriot. Henceforth, anyone who makes fun of me is unpatriotic and anti-national. You have been warned :-P!

- I really liked the ending credits where all the major contributors to the movie got to walk the red carpet for their fifteen seconds of fame :-).

Verdict: Can be watched once for sure. Just walk in expecting to watch an authentic masala movie complete with reincarnation, songs, mother sentiment et al :-)!


vishesh said...

lol :) am going to watch it :)

Anonymous said...

A nice review...I am thinking about warching it this weekend.


Ginkgo said...

shahrukh and Abs...have to watch it for sure:)
comments reserved!

SK said...

Acho I dont want to watch this movie. I just watched ChakDe and I have a good impression of SRK, why spoil it. :--)

rads said...

haha, good :)

btw, you've heard of body tape right? Safety pins are so Sharmila Tagore zamana ;)

The Kid said...

I heard SRK is gay. I dont remember where, but that article claimed to have credible sources.

Archana said...

Vishesh - did you?

Senthil - thank you :-)! Do let me know what you think!

Ginkgo - LOL - adhu en appadi namba mudiyaadha vishayamaa?

SK - hehehe - ya for sure this is a typical SRK movie!

Rads - LOL - I think Deepika's clothes needed steel enforcement to hold up :-P!

Pratap - hmm, this rumor has been doing the rounds for SO long now!

Anonymous said...

This was an entertaining masala movie and it was good to watch with friends...but, not that much fun to see more than once.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Archana said...

Senthil - ya, watch twice would be trying patience too much :-)! Belated happy tnxgiving to you too :-)!