Sunday, April 13, 2008

U, Me aur Hum and general ranting

U, Me aur Hum is playing in the AMC theatres near my house. Man, Indian movies are fast becoming mainstream! So we decided to go watch it in the comfort of a nice theatre, happy at the prospect of giving the dabba, rundown desi theatre a miss.

Given that U, Me aur Hum deals with the serious theme of exploring difficulties in the life of an Alzheimer's patient, I should not be panning it so badly. But really, by the time they got to the Alzheimer's dealing parts, I was already ready to run screaming from the theatre.

I think actors who direct/produce their own movies must first get a course in how, while their faces, their voices and their everything must be the dearest possible thing in the whole world to them, it is not so for the rest of the whole world. The umpteen closeup shots of Kajol and Ajay in their intro scenes, so clearly shown on the huge screen were quite headache inducing. As were the so called cutesy romance bits (dear Lord!).

Anyways, I thought the last 45 minutes or so were the parts which redeemed the movie. But for me, it was a case of too little, too late. A pair of huge editing scissors would have been a help.

I definitely would not recommend the movie to anyone without a remote control.

*unrelated rant begin*

I have officially taken a vow to stay away from chick flicks. After watching the super cute One Fine Day sometime beginning last year, I got drawn back into watching the much-maligned category of chick flicks. Thus began my hunt for another nice chick flick.

A hunt which took me through the likes of:
Princess Diaries-2 (why did anyone bother making this terrible sequel to the fun Princess Diaries?)
A Cinderella Story (ugh - don't ask)
Mickey Blue Eyes (totally to be blamed for slightly reviving my fast flagging chick flick interest - you know kinda like how the casino penny slot machine lets you earn a few dollars just when you are ready to quit and go)
Because I said so (nominee and winner of the worst chick flick of all times)
Hanging Up (really, Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan, what were you smoking when you signed up for this)
Notting Hill (maybe because I could not stop wondering how Julia Roberts' ears have not yet split from all that non-stop ear-to-ear grinning)
Failure to Launch (a really serious contender for toppling 'Because I said so' from the worst chick flick movie slot).

The last mentioned movie was the straw which broke my poor chick flick movie-watching back. Ladies and gentlemen, as the ending credits rolled, I decided to not watch any more chick flick movies. Even if Keanu Reeves has starred in them (background: A walk in the clouds is a movie I sat through with the sole intention of, ahem, watching Keanu Reeves).

Of course, Archana proposes, God laughs.

Friday night, we went to Blockbuster to pick out a movie. With four people, obviously, there were forty different opinions. Finally, an uneasy consensus was reached with Dan in Real Life - a family comedy, the jacket blurbs said. Movie started off well. Only to dissolve completely, irretrievably and absolutely into unbearable chick-flicky lala land. Bollywood would have been put to shame.

Maybe I should just stop watching movies altogether.

*rant over*


Joy said...

I loved walk in the clouds. That must be one of the few movies I watched more than once. I saw OneFine Day 8 years back and I do like the movie (actually I like George Clooney) :)

Shilpa said...

LOL...yeah a whole bunch of crappy movies...

you shd watch, "addicted to love" with Meg Ryan in it...very cute movie..:-)

Archana said...

Joy - O boy - the only reason I sat through A Walk in the Clouds was coz of Keanu Reeves *drool* :-). Ya, ya George Clooney was the special ingredient in OFD ;-)!

Shilpa - amaam :-(! Oh, let me see...

vishesh said... i have tell my mom...that ajay dies in the first seen...!!

Archana said...

Vishesh - lol - hehehe :-D!

SK said...

Heehee I have lost interest in movies nowadays. Am not able to sit through English movies too!

I totally enjoyed Notting Hill, and I think these chick flicks are for the teenagers with fluttering hearts. We ar ejust too old ;--D

Saumya said...

Try 'The Devil wears Prada'

Archana said...

SK - adi paavi, why are you serthufying me also in the "we are old" category - hmph X-(! Me and all endrendrum 16 you see :-P!

Saumya - I loved Meryl Streep in "The Devil wears Prada" - she was just *awesome*!

Anonymous said...

lol! good thing that i read this! we were planning on catching this movie over the wkend. will stay away :)

Nirmal Simon said...

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Archana said...

bluehues - good for you!! And oh, welcome aboard!

Nirmal - new way of spamming, huh?