Monday, January 14, 2008

Mickey Blue Eyes

I have never been a huge Hugh Grant fan (though I loved him in About a boy). Today I finished watching Mickey Blue Eyes. The movie by itself is a total timepass watch. But man, Hugh Grant is super funny. He is the best thing about the movie.

I was howling with laughter while watching one of the scenes where suave, proper Englishman Hugh Grant tries to learn to speak like an Italian gangster because he has been introduced as Little Big Mickey Blue Eyes (!?!) from Chicago to some members of the mafia. To spread the joy, I started to hunt for the clip. And guess what, the good old ever-dependable youtube had the entire sequence.

Spoiler warning: this sequence is perhaps the best in the entire movie. If you have not watched Mickey Blue Eyes before and plan to, don't watch. If you do watch the clip, the best bits are right towards the end. Enjoy!

And oh, Happy Pongal to everyone :-)!


Anonymous said...

I have watched this movie long time back. I was laughing out loud watching this back again! Nice way to start my day!

Anonymous said...

iniya pongal nalvaazhthukkal!


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi..first timer here .Nice write up on the movie.really tempted to see it
Time permitting please do visit my blog
Seasons Greetings And Wish you a Happy Pongal

Saranya Kishore said...

Happy (maattu) Pongal! :--)

Anonymous said...

OMG ... I made the mistake of opening the youtube link while at work with an apple in my mouth - am choking now!

esp., for someone who cant stand Hugh Grant.

Archana said...

Yaadayaada - welcome aboard :-)! You are welcome!

Senthil - thank you :-)!

Compassion unlimited - welcome aboard :-)! Thank you :-)!

Saranya - thank you :-)!

Anon - heheheh - it's funny :-D!