Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unnai pol oruvan - the review.

Since my movie reviews usually only dis movies, I thought I should write about a movie I liked for a change. Even seeing two Tamil movies in the recent past and getting mega bulbs in the bargain could not stop S and me from heading out to watch the latest Kamal Haasan movie, Unnai Pol Oruvan. Both of us are Kamal fans after all!

I learnt that this movie was a remake of A Wednesday! which was released sometime last year. This was a further plus for Unnai Pol Oruvan since I had heard many positive reviews for A Wednesday!

We reached the theatre and bought tickets. S rushed ahead to get good seats. Right. The theatre had an audience of two viz. S and yours truly. Mercifully some more people showed up as movie starting time approached thus dispelling our fears that the entire show would be canceled thanks to lack of an audience!

The movie started on time. From the beginning, a fast pace was set for the movie with every scene bringing anticipation of what next. No unnecessary scenes or songs. The movie's locations fluctuated between a total of less than half a dozen places but still managed to hold attention.

After intermission, the pace picked up further till the climax. I liked it, especially the speech at the end. I am specifically holding back details - I really think you ought to watch it yourself!

When the ending credits rolled, it was only slightly past the 2-hour mark. What a crisp and neatly made movie! Each frame of the movie contributed in someway towards moving it forward. The acting overall was quite good (though Kamal's accented English jarred a bit at times).

Thoughts provoked by the movie's ending speech were under discussion between S and me all the way back home. Its been quite a while since a Tamil movie did that.

Final verdict: go watch.


The Kid said...

I watched it on Saturday. I agree with most of your comments.
There was just one thing that was too ugly: Lakshmi's make up. Gosh, she could have atleast shaved! :-)

s w a t said...

All reviews head towards the movie. I am so watching it this weekend!

vishesh said...

I saw a wednesday(with subtitles) and loved it :) so think I will watch it :)

Raam Pyari said...

nice blog :)

Saumya said...

Hm...i watched A Wednesday twice back to back because I loved it.

Nazruddin Shah was just MAGNIFICENT! I am skeptical about Kamal stepping into his shoes. But I should watch it to see the difference

J said...

elaarum nice review solraangha..didnt get a chance to watch the movie :( looking forward to watch "Aadhavan" for Diwali :)

Ginkgo said...

waaat...u call this review?..:-)

Surendran said...

I was curiously browsing your blog as I accidentally bumped on your review of UNNAIPPOL ORUVAN. Also had a quick glimpse of your earlier posts (had a hearty laugh at "chandramukhi" review !!) .....and good to see your consistent postings.....made for such a long time...

Happy blogging......// Suren