Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't think of an apt title

These days, what with women's lib and everything, the old adage, "Behind every successful man is a woman" is slowly taking on a new avatar: "Behind every successful woman is a man". Still, I found this bio-profile of the Consul General of India in San Francisco, Susmita Thomas, totally hilarious.

Slightly self-trumpety as it sounds, I have no issues whatsoever with the first three paragraphs. But what on earth are the last three paragraphs doing in the Consul-General's profile? The description about her husband Ravi's achievements is even longer than her own! This chap is in no way related to the Indian Embassy other than being the Consul General's husband. How is what he did, is doing and going to do even relevant in this context? Perhaps this is how Susmita is supposed to show her loyalty to her husband - don't know! Aaaargh!

This brings me to another question: am I the only one who finds the practice of women doctors in India identifying themselves Dr. (Mrs.) Female DoctorName on name-boards odd? How many male doctors are there who have the compulsive need to identify themselves as married by saying something like this: Dr. Male DoctorName (married) on their name-boards?


SK said...

Nice look :--)

Saumya said...

Yes! Dr. (Mrs.) has irritated me like an oyster forming a pearl.
Like we all need an identity always derived from a Mr. On that note, why do we take only father's name as surname, why not mother's name as well?

BTW, awesome template!

sanjay said...

Dear Archana

A nice issue broached by you when I was thinking of the same in line with Loyalty and Faith.

The inclusion of Husband's crdentials enhances her own stature which gives her confidence to porform.

One way to tell all Indians that she is with them in all their efforts.

Your own reaserch to use Dr and Mrs together brings forth the issue of specificity of woman hood.

Being an unmarried many a times I am kind of awestruck on who could be them?

rads said...

Yep, you are right. That IS weird and very strange to tag on the spouse's bio - regardless of the gender.

hehe@Dr.(Mrs) - It's probably to throw off all the useless romeos that pretend to be patients :-))

Archana said...

SK - thank you!

Saumya - thank you! I think its because Tam names used to be long enough as it is without tacking on some more names to it - hehehehe.

Sanjay - Um - so when married Indian women are given jobs, they look at the husband's qualifications too because it in someway helps her perform better? Does the same thing work the other way round as well? I doubt loyalty can be shown shown by touting irrelevant information regarding the husband in a professional context!

Rads - coolio, I was wondering if it was some weird official policy I was unaware of! LOL - I doubt female doctors are accosted by too many more marriage proposals than females in other professions!