Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vidathu Karuppu

Last week S discovered all the episodes of the Vidathu Karuppu television series on some website online. If you recall, Vidathu Karuppu (VK) is part two of the thrilling Marma Desam stories penned by Indra Soundarajan. VK was telecast on Sun TV more than a dozen years ago. It was one of the very few TV series that I watched regularly. I still remember waiting eagerly every Thursday night 9.00pm for the next episode of VK.

So when S asked if I was interested in re-watching it, it took very little thinking on my part to say yes. Other than remembering the climax, I recalled nothing whatsover of the series. So we started watching it. And I realized all over again as to why I was so attracted towards the series.

Each episode is divided into scenes from the past and the present - both these parts are rivetingly done and more often than not, end in an event which leaves you with burning curiosity as to what happened next.

Needless to say, S and me were completely hooked. The main advantage we had was that we just had to click on the next button to see the next episode instead of having to wait a whole week to know what happened (man, it must have been excruciating back then to wait for a entire week - and even more exasperating to see a a few minutes of recap every week when that time could have been used to move the story further). The downside was that we were completely addicted.

On Sunday we finally finished watching the series (ya in one week we watched all 84 episodes of it and yup while working full time and everything). The series was as satisfying as ever. We are still discussing the nuances and we kinda miss the characters now - addiction withdrawal symptoms I guess. I wonder how come such thrilling serials no longer get made in Tamil these days. Instead we have these sob-fests called mega serials which go on for years together. Ugh.

Another thing I liked while watching VK was seeing how naturally the various characters were dressed. But I wondered at the protaganist Reena's clothes. She mostly wore extremely loose tops and jeans/skirts or tent-like salwar kameezes. She was supposed to be a modern young woman from Chennai - so why was she wearing such ill-fitting clothes? Then I realized with a pang - that's exactly how most "normal" Chennai girls used to dress back then. Including me. *blush*. Oh well, you live and you learn, no?

If you know Tamil, Vidathu Karuppu is a must watch series. It has aged well with time and is as gripping now as it was more than a dozen years ago.

p.s. do you know if DVDs of good Tamil serials are available for sale?


kurrodu said...

Wow!!.. I am a big fan of VK too..
Recently, My roomate and I got hooked to it and watched the entire series.. The direction was very meticulous and the cast was apt.. Naga is directing his debut named Ananthapurathu Veedu... Eagerly awaiting its release.

Saumya said...

The only thing I remember about vidaathu karuppu was the lorry and how we used to stifle a moan when the beastly thing made an appearance.

"tent-like salwars" - nice :)

Archana said...

Kurrodu - oh, I would love to see the movie too!

Saumya - lorry in Vidathu Karuppu? Or are you referring to the lorry in the first part of marma desam (which was damn annoying, btw).

Reflections said...

Hi, I would like to watch , is there a link?

Krishna Raj said...

Friends Pls can any one tell me from where can i download the full episode of Marma Desam Vidathu Karupu.
Thanks in advance...

Pls mail me at krishnarajr4u@gmail.com


Krishna Raj R

Vasanth said...

The Screenplay and Making is such a wonderful that More than 80% of the Indian movies doesn't even come close to this Masterpiece.

Ganesh, Chennai, India said...


I am an ardent fan of this serial. Pls let me know where you bought the DVD of this serial?

Anonymous said...

Its a very thriller drama.Im a big fan of this drama.
When im studying 9th standard it was telecast isn sunTv.Now i completed my MCA and currently im working.
Im not fogott this drama.
Im a very big fan of it.
Please tell me wher did u get the cd/dvd

Murali S said...

can any one tell where can i download full episode....or send me the torrent file to this email id muralee1201@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

well defined characters and owe some storyline told in mesmerising fashion. A well deserved cult status watchable at any period let alone 70s or 90's. Just curious why Rasu' aunty a clever lady would never have guessed his other personality karuppu? Rex from London 2014.

Marc Calloway said...

Ragasiyam is the best part which brings to seatcorner unlike VK, which Vk gets late pick up after half episodes gone. Ragasiyam made many suspense and twists right from inside the temple, then the old case with lingam and then the lorry. This is epic.

J Navneeth Kumar said...

It just flashed my mind and I started googling and found this blog. Can somebody tell me where I can get this. I can pay for whatever it costs.
Its not just a drama this piece of art will bring me back the time and all nostalgic memories. We are settled and we have money but can we get to watch and cherish a work like this on TV. No. We don't have the choice. Why? Whats of the point of having lot of money? The quality of tamil TV are so degraded in last 10 years I stopped watching it. The same Sun TV I hate today used to be such a master class in broadcasting. Time and money spoiled them.
Anyway please help get this. I would be so grateful.

Anonymous said...

Now they are telecast in vasanth TV Mon to fri 7.30 pm

mahe said...

Just like the OP, I started watching this, knowing the end . But discovered many other brilliant aspects which i had missed in my childhood esp the gripping screenplay of how they show the past and present simultaneously. Brilliant series. I loved it to bits. That said, from the time I finished watching this, the one small thing that is bugging me is the said "erotica" behind the vidukathai pechiaatha(Rajendran's grandmother) left behind. Not to be misunderstood as a guy with rave intentions, but the curiosity has clearly gotten the better of me. If anyone here understood that, pls enlighten me. obv ignore if its too kinky to be published in a public forum.

Nandha gopal said...

Hi all,

I came across all your interest towards Vidaathu karuppu (till date 2017).

If you are still wanting the series in your collection, am having a DVD copy of the same.

Please revert to me - if you are interested.


Unknown said...

Vidathu karuppu full episodes venum.

Anonymous said...