Thursday, August 05, 2010

Food in Chennai

Kellogg mango flavored cereal
I spotted this in the local grocery store and was thrilled. I expected something along the lines of Kellogg Special K strawberry cereal, only with real mango pieces instead of strawberry. Unfortunately, this cereal has a suspiciously bright dark- yellow color and tastes like regular corn-flakes soaked in mango Rasna. Sigh.

I *love* the guava fruit. Back in the bay area, I found guavas only in a bruised state and priced exorbitantly. Here, it is not only unblemished and delicious but is also priced sweetly. Is there any harm in scarfing down 5 guavas a day?

To my pleasant surprise, things like tofu and mozzarella cheese are very readily available in all stores. Also, the number of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat items available is staggering. Ready-made chappathi, idli-batter, idiappam? Yes, yes and yes. A great number of food delivery options are available as well. One thing is for sure. As long as you have the money, you can eat your fill without ever putting a toe outside the home.

Mom's cooking, Dad's feeding

It is taking a great amount of effort to not wolf down mounds of food at every meal time (and every in-between snack-time). I have now banned my parents from buying snacks from outside. That is not stopping them from plying my plate with home-made stuff like vadas and fried fish. Parents, I tell you!! I love them :-).


SK said...

LOL @ Mango Flavored Cereal! :--) They just dipped it in mango rasna to get the 'flavor' haha!

Making me J with Mom's cooking! Fried fish... hhmm.

Keep writing Arch!

Floridora said...


Archana said...

SK - sure, will do :-).

Floridora - all kinds of pizza are available including unique Indian-style ones. For home delivery or for eating in :-D.

rads said...

lol, you know, you should start a series - food in chennai. Would be awesome :)

Deeps said...

LUCKY you, I am sooooo jealous :-\.

Archana said...

Rads - I really ought to start that section. Seriously, I am discovering a lot of delicious food - my expanding waistline is a great testimony to that :-(.

Deeps - hahah :-).

Saumya said...

Enjoy...enjoy! How about poli and bajji?

Archana said...

Saumya - right now staying off poli and bajji - konjam rombavey adhigamaa saapadu enjoy pannitein :-(.

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