Sunday, May 14, 2006

My blog's most ardent fan

When I first started writing this blog, absolutely no one but me knew about its existence. It just happened that I did not tell anyone about it. The few visitors that I got landed here by pure chance - my blog happening to have a very plausible URL (for Indians). Shilpa was the first person I told about She was adding members to the blog she had created for writing about our school memories and she needed me to have a blogger account for that.

About that time, I was blogging fairly regularly. I had also linked to the blogs of a few undergrad classmates. Spark found my blog resultantly. Archana landed up here on her own thanks to sharing my first name. Saranya came through Spark. And a few others through them. At that point, I felt bad that my own family still had no inkling of my great writings. So I mentioned my site to them as well as to three other friends. Till date, most of my other friends are as yet unaware of this site and for whatever good reason, I am more comfortable keeping it that way (in case you were wondering, NO, it is not because I plan to crib about them here ;-)).

Anyways, once my family came to know about the blog, my sis mailed back saying that it was a good source of tp (tp=timepass) for her. My mom totally oohed and aahed over it. "Archu, its really nice. I love reading it. I totally agree with what one of your commentators has said. You do compile everyday happenings into a very interesting read." I had to point out to her that that was my comment for someone else! Mom was a bit dampened on hearing this news but bravely rallied around with "Oh, I still do think it applies to you too!" From that day, my mom checks my blog everyday without fail. Apparently during morning coffee, she first checks mails and then checks my sister's and my blogs.

Nowadays, thanks to gmail chat, it's a whole lot easier to catch my mom online. On a typical day, conversation goes like this:

Mom: *Did you eat well, sleep well, eat enough veggies and fruits and other yada yada*

Me: *Dutifully say yes, yes, yes for everything*

So, I checked your blog, you did not put up anything new.

Oh, I just finished putting up a post.

*absolute silence*

Mee ('mummy' has been shortened to 'Mee' by sis and me over the years)? Are you there?

*some more slience*




(finally): I just finished reading your post. Nalla irukku (it's good). (She always says 'nalla irukku' irrespective of what I write)

I am chatting with you live right now and you ignore me to go and read my blog - grrr!

I couldn't wait. It's nice to read la!


Yesterday, I was making my scheduled weekly phone-call home. After all general yada, yada, my mom told me that she just read my latest post. I told her that it was just a general update on my everyday life. Mom immediately said that I should put up new posts everyday even if it is just everyday stuff and then she would read it. I was like "Mee! Hello! I email you practically every single day with every single event of my happening life!". And my mom went "I know, but I still like reading your blog better". I was speechless!

With such an ardent fan, can I even contemplate ignoring my blog? Of course, I know that my number one fan is completely biased and in her eyes I am *always* THE BEST (along with sister dear). But it's still nice :-)!

Come to think of it, my whole family always roots for me. My own, personal, three-member cheerleading troop. On call 24/7. Great :-D!


BZ said...

Wonderful post Arch, esp on Mother's Day! :)
Ok, so I am the second most ardent fan of your blog :--)

Your conv between you and Mom, that's how it goes between me and K :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hey .. after reading your post I went back to check your old posts just for reminiscing :-). I still remember the first post of yours about Grand canyon and liked it pretty much. After a couple of other blogs there was your Halloween post where you had put up your beautifully carved pumpkin picture :-). In fact, while I was going thru those posts I was having nostalgia. It felt funny how immediately after reading a particular post, it brought me back memories of how I was spending my time during those days. :-) Interesting ...
Anyways, thanks for mentioning my (ur) name here in the post. Keep up the writing!

kuttichuvaru said...

my parents read my blog too!! it gives u all the more reason to write something :-)

rads said...

awwww...that was sweet ;-)

Boy, hearing/ reading about how techy some parents are, I get the feeling, that I left home during the stone age!
My dad's on quite a bit, but my poor mom just breezes through the pictures occasionally. Hmm.. generation gappuna idda poley irukku :-)

Nice post for mom's day!

Prabhu said...

Blog - nalla iruku! :D
And like your mom, I too feel you should blog often. If not the San Juan flowers or the traffic to work, something about Summer/Fall/Spring :P

I want to contest for the second most ardent fan.

PRIDERA said...

I happened to reach your blog accidentaly as well ... thanks to your name :)
I keep reading your blog regularly since.
I hadn't told my family about my blog, until recently. Since then they motivate me to write more often :)

Prasanna said...

Archu, I haven't told u this but now that I have an oppurtunity...u have a gift of words, your presentation skills are too good....your mom has got all the reasons to be proud of U!

Bharathis said...

Nalla irukku:-)

Archana said...

Thank you all people :-). With all your nice comments, you totally made my day (can you see me grinning from ear to ear :-D?)!

Saranya - thank you - good to know second fan spot is filled too :-D!

Archana - ah, yes! Your comment reminded me of those days too and I went for trip down memory lane too :-)!

Kuttichuvaru - so true :-)!

Rads - Thank you! LOL :-)!

Prabhu - thank you :-)! Ah-ha, contention for second fan spot. Now, I am totally, totally flatttered :-D!

Pridera - Another Archana? That's cool :-D! Welcome aboard!

Prasanna - thank you, thank you :-). Nalla thalai-la oru kilo ice vecha maadhiri irukku :-D!

Mummy - thank you ;-))!

Rahul - LOL :-D! Sure, please do ;-)!

Madsies - thank you :-D!

Syam said...

Nice post on Mother's day, I too wish everybody at my home to read my blog, but.....that to happen I have to educate them on the following

5.Registration,username and so on...

Archana said...

Syam - thank you :-)! Hmm, you shd start off teaching one step at a time :-)! And, welcome aboard!

Shilpa said...

Your most ardent fan is rather late to comment...sorry dear !
Ever since exams got over - i've been avoiding the computer :-P

Its so sweet that ur mom reads ur post regularly. I can just imagine her sitting and reading it :-)

Its amazing how much we can talk on the phone, email each other, and yet have a million other things to blog about !! :-)

Keep on writing...there r plenty of us who love the way you write.

Ginkgo said...

romba vazhukaradhe...
soap jaasti yo..;-)

argh, if ur mom reads the post, mebbe I shd ask her for ur fone no..:P
wat say shilpa:-)

Archana said...

Maverick - thank you :-)! As long as you have the link to the original post on your blog, I don't mind!

Shilpa- :-D! Thank you! I can see my ardent fan has finally come out of hibernation :-P - good girl!

Gingko - hahhaha, keep dreaming that it will work!

Shilpa said...

Err Gingko,

I thought u had a gf now !
How come u r still trying to get
Arch's phone number ?

nourish-n-cherish said...

Moms are moms! And yes...I agree with the general consensus that you have a gift for your jots to get that interesting personal touch .. so rock on Archana!

Archana said...

Shilpa - mez had the same doubt too :-D!

Saumya - thanks a lot :-D!

A New Earth said...

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averageME said...

lol dat was a funny im convo btwn u n ur "mee" U have many readers hopefully Ill be a well read author of sorts soon.

Unknown said...

That's so sweet!!!

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