Sunday, December 04, 2005

I am 'It'!

Last week, Shilpa was very generous and tagged me. I am supposed to write twenty random things about myself. So here are twenty things you wanted to know about me and were too afraid to ask ;-)!

1. I am the ultimate book-worm. I can read almost anything. Once, in hostel, when I did not have any other book to read, I actually read the college calendar (containing rules and regulations, course-list, college statement etc. etc.) from cover to cover.

2. I love taking walks. Besides the exercise, it also serves as a cool way to ward off depression, confusion or anxiety.

3. My oldest brand-name (Titan) watch was bought for me by my parents in 1991. It still works and I use it!

4. My face is a color-coded, cross-referenced index of my mind. At any point, my face plainly shows what exactly is going through my mind. The more intense the emotion, the clearer the reflection. Unfortunately, I always assume this is not the case till I see the person across my reacting to something I was just thinking.

5. When I was small I was pretty sure that I would become a famous author one day.

6. I once won the first place in a drawing competition. This event happened in my 3rd standard and has never been repeated since.

7. I can't stand body odor. I am not thrilled with the over-perfumed either.

8. I have a thing for moisturizing and moisturizers. As per today's count I have enough stock of moisturizing lotion at home to last me till the summer of 2007. This does not include the opened bottles I have in every room of my house. My friends tell me that in case I am faced with some disaster situation, the first thing I will do is start using moisturizer. Apparently, my motto in life is, "even if I die, I shall die moisturized". The scary part is, I am not entirely sure myself that they are just joking.

9. I cannot snap my fingers to make the clicking noise. Somehow I missed learning it in childhood and in spite of many attempts by various people to teach me, I still cannot produce any sound by snapping my fingers together.

10. Similarly, I cannot whistle. But that hasn't stopped me from puckering my lips and blowing air through it from time to time in hopes of producing some sound.

11. I have never put up posters of any movie-star in any room I lived in.

12. I love drinking tea. In fact, I think I like the concept of drinking tea even more than actually drinking tea. How else can I explain the immediate craving for tea that I feel whenever I see even actors on television drinking tea??

13. Good weather makes me happy.

14. Corollary to the above: bad weather makes me irritable.

15. I don't like going to shows which feature performing animals. Somehow I always wind up picturing myself in the place of the performing animal and that image fills me with horror.

16. The word "sale" to me used to be like a red rag to a bull. Any shop displaying that magical word could count on me to join its list of shoppers. The alarming drain on my credit cards stopped when I realized that every store has some sale or the other every single day.

17. I was born with a phone attached to my ear. Given the right companion, I can talk for hours together on the phone. Nowadays though, I dont spend that much time on the phone anymore (hurrah for Cingular Wireless).

18. The first time I tasted wasabi, I felt like throwing up for a whole day afterwards. I have not touched wasabi since.

19. After reading The Da Vinci Code, my top place to visit has become the Louvre in France. The Louvre has pushed Switzerland to the second spot.

20. Thinking of the random things to make up this list has been one of the hardest things my brain has had to do recently.

To those who managed to make it to the end: Man, you really DO have it in you :-)! Now for the awards ceremony. I nominate Saranya and Spark to continue the tag.


Saranya Kishore said...

I share the same thoughts about Louvre too, and it was because of Da Vinci Code too. And I hope to visit Louvre by the EOY. :))

Enjoyed reading this. :)

Harish said...

Opposites...I can whistle and snap my fingers
Similarities...i can also read anything

Shilpa said...


wats wasabi ?

Nice are weirder than I thought hahahahhaa ( just kidding).

Ginkgo said...

I thought wasabi was a town in some remote african country..:-)

I remember hearing tht word somewhere somehow from somebody..

Ginkgo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ginkgo said...

As to the post, wutz with the
'smelly' affection that both u and shilpa have 'for' chinkoos :-)

Saranya Kishore said...

wasabi is horse radish. ewwwww!
Thought it can be tolerated if mixed in small qty with soy sauce.

Archana said...

Saranya, enjoy your trip :-))! Will wait for your blog about the Louvre. My first experience with wasabi has stopped me from trying it ever again :-(! BTW, I am waiting to read your list ;-)!

Harish, ah, another bookie :-)!

Shilpa: As Saranya said, wasabi is Japanese horse-radish. Its the green colored stuff you get along with sushi. I swear it tastes like extremely pungent ammonia (When I put it into my mouth I had the same sensation I had when I mistakenly smelt ammonia during a chemistry lab).

Gingko: Wasabi was also the name of my computer at my research lab :-)! Enna solla - I think both our noses are extra-sensitive!!

Shilpa said...

Your computer was named after radish ?
LOL that sounds funny....

Ginkgo said...

ther...that reminds me..
Our VMS backup server @ school was called wasabi..:-)

I was sure I had heard that somewhere.., pity that I used to work on it..and cudnt recollect that:-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, archu does have an affectation for lotions on any kind. I remember her dish washing sink had a moisturizer and a conditioner beside it!

Hey Archu, I guess you forgot to mention, that you also have the urge to so something if someone goads you into it, you start thinking after the act of stupidity has been performed... the flowers incident for eg.

Ahhh, don't kill me. Archu, is also known for her temper for ppl who don't know her! I guess am not helping your reputation at this point, so shall stop.

Archana said...

Shilpa, our lab had all comps named after spices/seasonings. So we had caliente/picante/chili/paprika etc... yerkanavey eppovum saapadu nyabagam, adhula idhu vera!!

Gingko, ah, looks like naming computers wasabi was a fad at some point. Full points for remembering at least now :-)!

Anon, thank you tarring and feathering my reputation completely :-(! All I can say in my defense is that you exagerrate waaaaay tooooo much!

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prasanna said...

Simple and interesting. Oh! the pleasures of reading random blog posts. I can see you hitting 5 pretty soon :)

Archana said...

Hitting 5??? Whats that?

prasanna said...

Hitting 5 :)
>5. When I was small I was pretty sure that I would become a famous author one day.

Archana said...

That's a nice thing to say :-)! I hope it turns out true :-D!