Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I don't know if it's the season or what. But suddenly a quote which I read about long long ago popped into my head. Here it is:

Practice random acts of kindness and sensless acts of beauty.

Some worthy called Adair Lara made this quote. I first read it in some article in the Reader's Digest. For some reason, it struck a deep chord in me and for sometime after that, I used to carry around a slip of paper with the quote on it in my pencil-case.

It feels wonderful to be at the giving end as well as the receiving end of an act of kindness, especially when it is least expected. A nice warm glow from within and your whole day looks up after that. Thinking back to those incidents makes me feel good again too!

Don't know why I thought about the quote. Don't know why I felt it necessary to write a about it. Only know that I should try to follow it from time to time.


Saranya Kishore said...

Good quote.

What are considered 'senseless acts of beauty'?? Examble please. :)
Enna suddenly serious?

Archana Bahuguna said...

Yeah i had the same question Archana. :-)

Archana Bahuguna said...

And by the way, I liked your 20 somethings very much ... I still think u can be a good author :-) it just reminded me of the first blog I read on your site (not in content of course but in the way of writing).

Ginkgo said...

boy...I asked u something..and u never gave me...and even said 'U wish!! ' :-(~

Now does that fall under random acts of kindness;-)

Archana said...

Hmm, a sensless act of beauty would be some GOOD thing we do on the spur of the moment without thinking of the consequences. Am I making sense? Hmm, cant think of any examples off the top of my head :-(!

Saranya, serious ellam onnum illai. Appo appo I get this urge to put in a quote :-))!

Archana, thanks! If I ever do publish a book, I shall be sure to mention you in my acknowledgements :-)!

And waah, looks like blogger swallowed up one of the comments. Or came up with the wrong total. Or I have become partially blind. Whatever!

Archana said...

Aaaah, now I can see the other comment!

Gingko, u waiting still?? I think that would fall under sensless acts of stupidity *evil laughter*. :-P.

Ginkgo said...

well yeh thts for me..
but arent we talking abt u :-P
In that case shdnt it fall under 'Random acts of kindness'

Archana said...

Hmm, I meant it for me :-S! Shd have been more clear. In any case answer is NO. You take your chances with the people at Shilpa's wedding :-P!

Ginkgo said...

Dint see this one yday...

I sure will try my chances there, dont ya worry..Flirting is a Hobby that I like to do :-)

How cud u dissapoint me though, archna:-(~

anita said...

Here is a random thought of beauty - You can send me a cheque for 100 dollars. that would certainly be a senseless act of kindless...er...or was the quote the other way around. Hope you believe in 'practice what you preach'

Archana said...

Hahah, good try! That also falls under senseless acts of stupidity :-P!