Sunday, November 12, 2006


1. (Diwali sweets from family + Diwali sweets from friends + Indian sweets from India-returned colleague + Scrumptious snacks from TJ's + Delicious homemade food made by others) = Jeans which are getting harder by the day to get into.

Evidently, bi-weekly fitness classes and after-dinner walks can combat gluttony only to a certain extent :-(! Is there anyway to make people love eating less?

2. (A cup of strong coffee + A willing listener) = A very garrulous me.

Can people get talkative on coffee :-(?

3. (Need to find a "good" nature photograph + Going through my collection of digital pictures) = Stumbling upon some long-forgotten but very interesting pictures.

Really, some pictures were so funny, I *had* to forward them or send comments about them to the concerned people. Below is an excellent picture of some of the attendees at my birthday party from last year. I have a whole series of them by my brilliant photographer friend, all (unintentionally) covering people's feet from various angles :-D! However, S was pretty thrilled that her cute footwear had gotten way more attention than she had bargained for :-)!

4. (Obsession with hair + Determination to make it soft and smooth and silky (just like the models on TV))= Applying almond oil and honey to hair following a wikihow article which appeared on my google homepage.

I kid you not - I did that this morning. After that, I had nightmares about the honey never coming out of my hair ever and me being stuck with shocked spikes for the rest of my life. Surprise, surprise, the honey did wash right out and my hair actually feels softer (heheheheh, when you sit for an hour with sticky honey on your head, you are wont to believe almost *anything* afterwards).

5. (Screwed up body clock due to DST change + Nightly tossing and turning) = A very-sleepy-during-most-times me.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!


Jeseem said...

reading archanas blog + sleepy eyes = a wide awake me :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Well reading your blog is the first thing I did after getting up in the morning (which is morn by my stds :-)). So, you can see that all those things do have good side effects. :-)

The pic is really funny :-). And about the garrulous part, hey me too! All I need is a listener. And you can imagine poor Inder's plight; he has to hear the same stories over and over again. :-D

Take care and have a good weekend!

rads said...

super formulae :-p

btw, why is the cake on the floor? Or was that rangoli by some zealous over-enthu friends? ;-))

Archana said...

Jeseem - thank you, thank you - I am so flattered :-D!

Archana - LOL :-D - morning by my standards during weekends is kinda not normal standards either :-D! I can imagine - when I am on a roll, the poor listener has no choice but to keep nodding :-)! You too!

Rads - Thank you :-D! Oh actually, this was a surprise cake - we were driving somewhere on the highway and then had pulled over in the middle - this place had unused railway tracks and the ocean right beside it - that's why cake is on the railway tracks :-))!

T said...

... find a "good natured" photograph.. i wonder why !

The Kid said...

day light saving... changes time by ONE hour. Body clocks cannot have that kind of time resolution. You are twisting and turning in your bed because some some awesome looking male blogger (<-- hint here), Madamossaile.

Archana said...

T - Oi, I said "good" nature photograph not "good natured" photograph :-D! Picture I wanted is of nature not of me!

Pratap - Oooooo - you found me out! LOL :-D! Nah, my body clock is so synchronized that I have been getting up an hour early everyday *sigh*!

Anonymous said...

:) Not sure if this is true, but Ive heard of people tell me that applying honey to your hair directly causes it to grey. You can tell me if it had some such effect.

Hey, don't blame K for this. Remember how you conveniently forgot about his contribution on your birthday when you saw him next? lol...

Archana said...

Anon - oh no :-(! Really? As of current time, my hair still is non-grey! Adhu seri, are you telling me that K had a premonition that I would do that and decided to have anticipatory revenge :-P ???

Inder said...

i too have heard that honey on hair makes them grey. i have no idea how credible that information is... my hair go grey even without honey... old age i guess :P

Anonymous said...

nice who can avoid sweets??thankfully for me i love playing football that takes care of running pointlessly...anyway lovely formulas though im not in the mood for any more of them....

Saranya Kishore said...

Hilarious post! :--) especially the picture, I suppose your friend was trying to take a picture of the cake with everyone around it :--))
It must have been something, to celebrate bday in the middle of the highway on a rail track!

I followed the link you have provided for DST, we are in Std Time now, we switch to Daylight Savings in Summer. I always get confused with the terminology. :--))

And if you find a way to say no to food, pliss let me know. :--( I wish I were like those women who eat so less, leave most of their food on their plate, voluntarily.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to make people love eating less?

Well, if you find the answer to thisquestion, please do blog about it :-p.

Applying almond oil and honey to hair following a wikihow article which appeared on my google homepage.

I applied honey once and got royally scolded by my mom saying that honey actually makes the hair white :-O!! So better be careful and ask your mom ;-). After all, moms know best :-D.

Shilpa said...

Good formuale !!!

U put honey on ur head ? ROFL...just trying to imagine u with it....if u had gone for a walk with it...u would hv had bears chasing u ! LOL :)
Hmm lemme know if it greys the hair...maybe next time we meet, I will see you with beautiful silky grey hair hehehehhe

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've tried honey on my hair too, it does wonders ... but I just did it once :-). If you want another tip for silky smooth hair, use Fenugreek seeds soaked in water for a few hours and then grind them and put the paste on ur head; you would think that sounds funny but its a great conditioner and is even therapeutic. Did that also once again :-D. But if you are in that phase try all these things :-). Have fun!

Archana said...

Inder - sheesh you people - looks like you folks won't stop telling me that honey will turn hair grey till my hair actually turns grey with concern :-(!

iamvisheshur - ah, you are still a kid :-D! Cha, cycle gap-la you have inserted an insult cloaked as a compliment :-(!

Saranya - :-D! Yeah, that was an awesome birthday, especially since peanut-brain me absolutely did not see it coming :-))! I know, its so confusing - I think this is the first year I actually got the definition right :-))! Grr, I feel like strangling such women X-(!

Deeps - ah, aren't we all looking! Oh no - one more warning :-( - honey is never going to go near my hair again I think!

Shilpa - ROFL :-D! Adi paavi, I don't live in Yosemite to have bears behind me (I totally immagined Winnie the Pooh chasing me - LOL :-D). Ada-da, enna oru santhosham - X-((!

Archana - hey, I have done this methi seeds thing too, long back - but mom did the soaking and grinding :-). Actually, I have lots of methi seeds, shd try it next weekend maybe :-D! Oooh, so you tried honey too?? Did your hair turn grey (from your pic, it still looks black to me, so maybe it is okay :-D).

kuttichuvaru said...

i hav heard abt the honey thing n the grey hair too!! donno how credible it is though!!

spark said...

cute formulae! and the bday looks fantastic too.

The Kid said...

Could not help notice your friend "S", she has very beautiful feet.

The Kid said...

enna kadai ezudinallum kadaseela kalayanathla vandu mudiyudu pathengla ? :-)
Sarasa vum crazy cat ladya?

Manasila irrukaradu daan blog la yum varum, Madamossaile.

ha ha ha !

Prabhu said...

lol :)
thats one funny picture...and did u say u had ur cake cutting on a railway track near an interstate (i imagine it to be a forest?)...
thank god u didnt have honey applied to ur hair, or else shilpa sonna maadhiri Bears chase panni irukum:)

Archana said...

kuttichuvaru - how come I seem to be the only one unaware of this???

Spark - thank you :-D! Yeah, b'day was fun.

Pratap - Will let S know :-)! Trust you to come up with all sorts of connections - well, as long as it makes you happy :-P!

Prabhu - ada paavi, you really think I would be wandering outside my house with honey on my head???? Grr X-(!

madsies said...

Super Formula Po!
you are hillarious as usual!

Archana said...

Madsies - thank you :-D!