Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pricey P

This story is fresh off the press and I found it so funny that I wanted to spread the joy. Fortunately, I got P's consent to do so and hence I am posting this with a clear conscience O:-)!

Anyways, my dear friend P was feeling rather blue over the weekend. In order to cheer herself up, she decided to go to a posh book store in her city and spend sometime there. Dressed up well and everything, P set off. Once she reached the store, she started walking briskly towards the elevator.

All of a sudden, she heard someone behind her calling "Madam, madam...". A quick glance behind her revealed that it was the watchman. Why ever on earth would he want to stop her? P decided that he must be calling someone else. And, acting all pricey, she ignored him and continued to stride forward confidently.

Which was when one of her legs sank into the ground with a splash sound! Basically, she had just walked into a pool of water on the ground meant for decoration purposes. P turned around sheepishly and just managed to catch the watchman slapping his forehead with his palm and saying,"That's what I wanted to warn you about!"

At this point, P burst out laughing, all her blues chased right away. Apparently she decided to continue her day at the posh bookstore with one side of her jeans completely soaked :-)).

P told me all this over chat. I imagined the whole scene and was literally rolling on the floor with laughter :-D. My great regret is that I wasn't around to witness the entire episode live. Oh well, one can't always have everything that they want - I shall be content with this!

BTW, this is post number 150 :-D! And yet again, I bring out my non-dancing "dancing" numbers.

In case you are wondering, yes, I do plan to have markers for every fifty posts :-D! For the curious, post number 50 is here and post number 100 is here.

p.s. this post is titled Pricey P because P specifically asked me to not use the word 'pricey' with regard to her. However, what are friends for if you cannot not grant even such simple requests :-P! That said, P, thank you girl and you rock as always :-D!


spark said...

btw, what does pricey mean? i can see a big evil grin in your face when you wrote this post.

Anonymous said...

ha ah a ha aa....
nice 1..had 1 like that my slef though not 'pricely' but because of carelessness..

Saranya Kishore said...

ROTFL!!! :--) And poor P, thanks to you, everyone has come to know about her priciness. You are soo meannn (j/k) ;--))

Hey regarding the head lights, next time someone flashes you blind on your rear view mirror, slow down, let him over take you, and when he is at the right distance, put your high beamers on and blind him, give him a taste of his own medicine. :--)

Thanu said...

too funny.. ijust laughed out loud reading this

Prabhu said...

lol :)
Dressed up well/posh - therefore Pricey???

even i dont know what pricey means :(

Archana Bahuguna said...

Well that was a funny one :-) And your friend had guts to continue shopping in the bookstore with her jeans soaked on one side. I might have had second thoughts on that one :-)

And regarding the head lights thingie, I was referring to when they are on High beam all the time when they dont need to!

And hopefully there will be a post on Eskimo.

Shilpa said...


Trust you to be a 'true' friend and let the whole world know abt the incident !!

Archana said...

Spark - pricey = acting all posh, looking proud. Actually I did have sth close to that look :-P!

iamvisheshur - :-D! Oh, you shd write that story then!

Saranya - see, I am still nice that I did not spell out her name or city - P shd be happy :-P! Ah-ha, that sounds like a cool idea for revenge :-D!

Thanu - :-D!

Prabhu - refer to reply #1 :-D!

Archana - hehehe, P is a good sport and is braver than normal souls :-D! Oh, high-beam lights!! That's another category of annoying people - grr! White-light cars are bad even at low beam :-(! Will post eskimo post soon - really :-)!

Shilpa - ah, you should know :-P! Amaam, I shd write some story about you also - what say :-P?

anita said...

oh gosh. where is this stupid place where point no. 1 on the watchman's job description will be 'keep guests off pool on the floor'. Poor P. Hate walking around with wet jeans.

Archana said...

Sindu - LOL :-D! I never considered that view point :-)! This place was in des only :-)!

Di said...

he he..must have been a funny sight..happens wen we are conditioned to be over cautious of strangers all r lives.. ;)

Archana said...

Di - :-))! That's true too!