Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last Sunday night, after a long time, I was feeling extremely non-thrilled about returning to work on Monday. I guess four days of major chilling out where the maximum exertion at any point involved getting out of the house to meet friends or go shopping can do that to you. Anyways, I was chatting with my mom on Yahoo voice chat (it is pretty good, btw) on Sunday night and I whined "I SO don't want to work tomorrow. I want some more vacation. Sob!" "Tomorrow is Monday and I have to work. Not fair." and on and on I went. Mom tried putting in some cheering up words. But I drowned it all out with my incessant whining. Finally, mom said "Go to work like a good girl and I will ping you over chat tomorrow morning after you reach work".

All at once I burst into laughter. It threw me back to my childhood, when I first started going to school. I was one of those clingy last-born kids and back then, going to school was the ultimate tragedy for me every morning. So when leaving in the morning, through my tearful farewell, mom would sometimes say "Go to school like a good girl and I will come and meet you during lunch time."

Some things never change, do they?


After the ultrashort pre-thanksgiving work-week which went past, this work-week has been insufferably long. And for some strange reason, I have been extremely lacking in sleep too.

So last night, I decided to force myself to go to bed early. I think I finally went to sleep at 11.40p (my original plan had been for me to go to sleep at 9.00p sharp). I was happy in slumberland and was having a dream involving an argument with my sister. Suddenly an annoying sound got added as background music to the scene.

Even in my sleep, I was wondering how come such horrible music had been added. Then, it struck me that the the "music" was kind of familiar to me. I woke up with a start as I realized that it was the fire alarm of my apartment. I checked my cell phone clock - what the heck, it was 4.34a in the morning :-(!

Mechanically I pulled on my shoes, jacket, thrust cellphone into my handbag and went outside the apt. A neighbor outside kindly said that it was probably just a false alarm and I should just wait inside. But even my groggy head though of self-preservation. What if I went back inside and fell asleep and by some chance this alarm actually turned out to be real - the scenario did not sound good.

Apparently, only seven other ppl in the entire apt had thoughts similar to mine. Everybody else stayed put in their apts (or did not wake up to the sound, don't know). The bunch of the seven of us stood outside the building, watching the fire-truck arrive. After spending another ten minutes in the chilly November air, we were given the all-clear to go back home.

Of course, nothing works as good as bracing 33 degree Farenheit (close to 0 degree centigrade) air in clearing your head off sleep. As I reset my alarm to make up for the lost time, the last vestiges of sleep were deserting me.

Needless to say, I had horrible trouble getting back to sleep. First, my fingers felt cold, then my toes followed suit and finally my head felt cold too. This scenario repeated itself for a long time. Then my fingers started feeling too warm, followed by too warm toes and then by too warm head. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I don't know when I fell asleep but when my reset alarm rang at 7.45a, I felt like I hadn't slept the whole night.

If it is possible, I am even sleepier today than I was in the past two days. Best laid plans - hmph! I don't think I can really be blamed for being irritable, grumpy, moody and cross today. I have been trying my best to needle anyone unfortunate enough to communicate with me :-(.

This week has gone on forever. I want my weekend right now!

When I whine, I whine in style.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my whiny world! I would have coupled it with a dead expression, crumpled clothes, unkempt hair, replying with a "ah?" for every question along with a blank expression, coffee mug in hand, trudging along the corridors like a ghost, till my teammates would give up on me and pack me home to get some sleep.

spark said...

boy, that is some style for sure! the weekend is here, right now!

Anonymous said...

strange i thought i was the only who had a very very latenitish many ppl seem to be having it......damn im going to screw the indian education system..
lol..why is ur mood set still at content ..
conent at being grump??
lets all welcome the weekend..
btw.monday is supposed to be i get a 3 day weekend..

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Arch 'style' madam,

Can totally empathize :--)

Friday is here, go to work, browse some, have a long lunch, gossip some and go home soon :--))

What a coincidence, I didnt sleep well last night too, woke up at around 3AM, and we had a fir alarm drill at work in the middle of the day yesterday. :--)

Your Mom sounds sweeet. Yes, Moms and Dads never change, thank God!

kuttichuvaru said...

me had a similar experience yday nite!! i went to bed 1130-ish n was happily sleepin.... about 130, someone started banging on the door.... n i was like 'who at this time??'.... i reluctantly went ahead n opened the door... this guy outside gives me a weird look for a few seconds n then says 'sorry, wrong apartment!!' n runs off!! man, I was so pissed off!!

madsies said...

hey arch....i got back form your ooru only the past weekend and back to work!!!! kids whining, hubby total whinning situation here! All about your ooru is in my blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey hope you get loads and loads of sleep tonight and thru the whole weekend :-). It was a hilarious post specially the "cold hands, cold feet ... " para. :-)

Happens often with me. In fact, I am just up from a 2 hour "evening sleep trial" to cover for morning's lost sleep so that I can study better late into the night; but you pretty much guess what I got instead. :-( A state as sleepless as before + 2 hours wasted in Exam time! :-(

And that's my whining :-). In my words, I feel "cheated" by God or the universe when I am unable to sleep just that 8-9 hours of dose everyday :-D.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would help if I were to write a few cheery paragraphs on the subject of retirement. No, I doubt that would be helpful. Just a sentence or two on daily naps would not be appropriate either, would they?

Shilpa said... I know why u were so bugged yday :P

Well...its the weekend finally ! Hope u hv fun !

Archana said...

Anon - LOL :-D! I shd try that the next time around and see what the effect is :-)!

Spark - yeah, weekend came and went off poof :-(!

iamvisheshur - so glad to know this phenomenon was universal! Was too grumpy to change my mood - heeheheh! How was your 3-day weekend?

Saranya - :-D! A fire drill too? Man, that's some coincidence! And guess what I did have an ultra long and fun lunch that day and the afternoon just zoomed by!

Kuttichuvaru - you know, after reading your story, I felt a WHOLE lot better! Ayo paavum nee - at 1.30a in the night :-((( - OMG!

Madsies - yup yup, read all about it :-)! I guess 'tis the whining season!

Archana - not having enough sleep during exams is an even more terrible feeling! How are things going with you? When is it freedom time for you?

Floridora - nopes, did not help at all X-(! But yeah, it did bring a rueful grin to my face :-) - enjoy :-D!

Shilpa - Did you not feel happy that you were not actually near me - heehehhe :-D! Now weekend's gone too :-(!