Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am mighty irritated, sleepy and queasy today. I guess a total of five hours of sleep + an early day at work + mid-week blues + irregular timings for breakfast and lunch can do that to a person. I have been trying to hold up with major infusions of coffee and tea. I think I am slowly turning into Caffeine-Lady.

Anyways, all of the above translated into a grumpy and sad-looking me. My poor friend at work, P, had to bear the brunt of it. I cribbed and complained and cribbed some more. Finally, P said that he would buy me ice-cream to cheer up. Aiii :-D! I don't like ice-cream all that much but as P put it, "free ice cream is a slice of heaven".

No matter how much I complain about the rampant corruption and bribery prevalent in India, I do love to get bribed sometimes. Especially for doing something which I have to do anyways and which will ultimately benefit me the most! Now, this is not a wish which can be easily fulfilled but my friends, room-mates and family members have sometimes made it happen.

I owe my Master's degree in part to my dear friend (and former roomie) J. For the longest time, though I had enough data to get started, I kept postponing writing my thesis. Just the thought of the task overwhelmed me so much that I did not feel like starting it even. That was also about the time book 5 of the Harry Potter series was going to be released. I had been badgering J to buy it so that I could read it (I had some fundae about why I couldn't buy it). J kept resisting my efforts.

Then, one fine morning, J said, "Okay, here is a deal: You start writing your thesis today. Write at least five pages of your first chapter. Whenever you are done, ping me. I will come over to your lab and order the book online. You can read it first when it arrives."

Harry Potter motivated me where so many others had failed. That noon, I actually started writing my thesis and wrote more than five pages. J promptly ordered the book and as per the promise, when it arrived, I read it first too (in one long shot interspersed with tea and food breaks - the tea and food of course being made by roomies J and R :-D).

Obviously, once I actually got down the task of writing my thesis, it no longer seemed as daunting. I had been successfully bribed to start writing my own Master's thesis!!!

There are other such incidents of small-time bribery. Thinking of them always brings a smile to my face :-)!

Coincidentally, R and J are getting their doctorates today. I am off to Davis later this noon to felicitate them. Up ahead: an evening to relive the good old times! YES :-)!


rads said...

aw. That was a nice way of putting things.

Congrats to your R and J pals. :)

SK said...

Hey Arch, Looks like work is keeping you super busy. Good to know the little bribe has made you feel better, to entertain us with a post. :--)

I wish I had friends who would bribe me to do my work, ;--), as of now, only DH and Dad have done that.

spk said...

hey nice reading your post..

Day Dreamer said...

I can relate to that, I remember bribing my friend in 8th grade to do my assignments. Nice blog :)

K2K said...

My comments may be categorized as bribe to see frequent posts in your blog ;-) (even though you do not need bribe to blog)

Saumya said...

Hee hee...well written!

J said...

thats nice :-) ah, antha maathri friends iruntha supera irukum :-)

Archana said...

Rads - thank you :-))!

SK - lol :-) - thank you!

Spk - thanks!

Day dreamer - thanks!

k2k - hehehe - actually that's right - more comments motivate me *hint, hint* :-D!

Saumya - thanks :-D!

J - supera irukku :-)!