Tuesday, September 25, 2007

C'est la vie

I am a firm believer of "try not to do more than what you absolutely you have to" especially when it means less work for me. Based on this philosophy, I have been postponing washing my car for the past three months. After all, one rain was all it would take to wash my car to a spanking new (okay, at least passable) condition.

However, after months of no rain, I began to feel sorrier and sorrier for my poor car as it slowly started changing color from its original royal black to a rather bedraggled beige. Then, last week, they said on radio that it was going to rain starting Wednesday - yaaay - moksha for my car finally!

I waited and waited. No rain on Wednesday morning. Or on Wednesday noon. Or on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning and afternoon continued to maintain the rain-free status (stupid weather.com of course continued to show cloud icons with cute little raindrops). Finally, I knew there was only one way to make it rain. Accepting defeat, on Thursday evening, I drove my car to the car-wash. My car came out looking brand new.

On Friday morning, as soon as I parked my car in the open space outside my office building, it started to rain. Yeah, it *always* rains the day after I wash my car. All those people who marry off donkeys/trees etc. in order to attract rain should simply give a wash to my car instead. The higher the chance of my car becoming totally muddy and getting back the same beige look as before the car wash as a result of the rain, the greater the probability of it raining becomes.

Such is life!


Today I was attending a technical presentation session at a techie conference happening out here. Some ten minutes into the presentation, someone's cell phone began to ring discreetly. I idly wondered why people could not have enough courtesy to turn off/silence their cell phones before coming to attend such events. And then smugly thought that I would not have to worry about silencing my phone as hardly anyone calls me during work hours.

I had not even stopped being smug when my cell phone started ringing. With the ring tone at a volume about 10 times higher than that of the earlier cell phone. I almost jumped out of my skin. As I fumbled with my phone to hit the silence button, about three-fourths of the room turned to stare at me. If only I could have dug a hole in the ground and jumped into it!

Talk about perfect timing! How do I always manage to get super bulbs whenever I begin to feel too smug?


Altoid said...

C est la vie indeed! :)

I know some people are really busy and cant get off their emails even for a minute, but it irks me (either when I am the speaker or one among the audience) to see people constantly typing/being online. I mean cant a person be away for some 45 mins to an hour, in their work schedule?

rads said...

Don't ask! I absolutely get annouyed with ringing cell phones. If I were there, I'd be the 1st one to glare at you :P

Joy said...

This was funny. I generally set my cellphone on vibrate mode when I am in a meeting. The other day, I forgot and we all heard a "beep-beep" sound. Withing fraction of seconds, 5 more such sounds came and all heads in the conference room turned towards me. I sheepily turned off my cell. While doing so, I realised I got 6 junk text messages in 30 sec! Can you believe it?

SK said...

LOL, I can relate to both.

Car wash - I am still waiting for the rain to give one to mine. ;--) Dont give up so soon. haha.

Cell phone - I leave it in my cube, so when it rings when I am not there, I am not present to share the glares. I always seem to forget to change the modes. At home it is in vibrate and at work loud. :--(

Saumya said...

Ha ha! Life throws these moments at you every so often!

My car used to yearn for a wash too. I recently bought a hose and washed the car - it turned out to be a family event with daughter playing in the water, and all of us looking beat and wet, but happy!

Try it!

Archana Bahuguna said...

He he that was funny ... :-) I think we have some kind of a jinx that the worst thing happens when just once in a blue moon, we forgot to take care of it! :-(
Better luck next time!

TinTin said...

Poor You :)
Keep it on vibrate all the time now onwards

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. It happens for me as well... At those times "Why only to me feeling" sucks...

BTW.. so by any chance ur comparing ur car to a donkey? Thats not fair... Ha Ha...

Similar exp of mine... below


Archana said...

Altoid - I think it is just their way of warding off boredom :-D! But people who act like civilization as we know it will collapse if they are away from their phone/blackberry/laptop for even one second need to be kicked!

Rads - don't worry, about 30 other people did the honors :-(!

Joy - Oh man, so many junk messages and getting glares for that - that's awful!!

SK - lol - has it rained yet? Oh man, that irritates me no end. After about the third time of ringing, I generally start fantasizing about picking up the offending cell phone and flinging it out of the building :-P!

Saumya - ah, me stays in apt - no car washing port :-(!

Archana - ya, tell me about it!

Tintin - Welcome aboard! I probably will - I have learnt my lesson now!

Cm-chap - Welcome aboard! Cha cha - my car is way better than a donkey 0:-)! So you ride escalators backwards, huh :-P?