Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last Friday, my colleagues T, P, C and me had gone out for lunch. We were talking about various topics when T said, "By the way, did you folks know that the wild fire at the Henry Coe state park was apparently started by some idiot?" T vacations often at Henry Coe and it is a place close to his heart.

P said, "Really? Oh man, so many acres of the park burned down."

Both C and me looked clueless and asked, "What park? What fire?"

T and P looked at us, genuinely surprised, "Oh you guys did not know? Its been in the news all over the place."

C and me shook our heads.

P then said, "Did you at least notice the hazy sky in the bay all of yesterday?"

At that point, realization dawned and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Grinning broadly, I said, "Oh, thank God! It was a forest fire. I was so worried!"

D and P looked at me as though I had gone mad, "Why are you so happy about a forest being burned down?"

I continued grinning happily as I replied, "Oh you don't understand. I had thought someone was controlling the weather!"

What happened was this: the previous day, both during my drive to work and my evening drive to the fitness class, I had noticed the unnatural sepia tone of the sunlight. I could not see clouds or any other reason to explain this sudden change of color. So, in my infinite wisdom, I had concluded that someone was controlling the weather and was trying different shades for sunlight color as an initial trial run. Implausible as this scenario seemed, as I could not come up with anything else, it seemed to be a fairly reasonable albeit horrifying explanation to me. That's why, finding out that there was a "natural" reason made me feel so much better!

Of course, the moment I told my "someone controlling the weather" theory, my colleagues gave me a very strange look and then burst out laughing. Well, that was when my theory finally struck me as being way too outlandish :-(.

Note to self:
I really ought to stop reading conspiracy theory books like: Deception point, Are you afraid of the dark and State of Fear.


rads said...

This is too much, folks controlling the weather. :D

You are one interesting person u know :p

Thanu said...

Sepia - No godd, now let me try the black and white effect. next I'll increase the saturation..

Aree it was me frm here who was controlling the weather

K2K said...

Hilarious. LOL.

Have you seen the movie The Avengers?

sk said...

LOL!! :--) Some books can do that na? State of Fear was substandard from Crichton.Btw, current mood = blue?? What happened?

Archana said...

Rads - hehehe :-)!

Thanu - cha :-(! But man, that is funny :-D!

K2K - :-D! Haven't seen the movie but the synopsis looks like sth I would identify with :-(!

SK - I know. I liked the research bit of State of Fear but the story itself was not that great. Man, I did not think anyone would notice that! That was just a momentary feeling - I am okay now :-)! Thanks for asking :-)!