Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why o why!

What's with this obsession of owning accessories which proudly display the initials of the designer label manufacturing it? Like LV, C etc. The initials are not in just one discrete place. No siree! The darn bag/purse/suitcase has those initials stamped all over it. Case in point, look at this ad I recently spotted on the back-cover of a magazine:

I was wondering why Gorbachev had a cheap-looking GRT look-alike bag beside him till I realized it was an ad for Louis Vuitton and that the lettering on the bag was not "GRT" but "LV". For those who don't know, GRT stands for G.R. Thangamaligai, a popular jewelery store in Chennai. Depending upon the amount of money you spend at their store, as a "compliment", they give away free bags/wallets/purses etc. which are boldly emblazoned with the store logo. These "compliments" are renowned for their uselessness since the prominent GRT logo on those products render them pretty ugly, thus putting them into the I-won't-be-caught-dead-in-a-ditch-with-it category.

Now, if only GRT were smarter, it would associate the letters GRT with some "designer" label. I bet there would then be a flourishing market for the "designer" stuff and people would willingly pay for it. So what if it looks super-duper ugly, now the whole world knows I can afford to buy a designer brand! Yaaay!

I just don't get the logic :-(! Do you?


sk said...

I sooooo totally agree!!
I have seen some 'high class' girls with these bags, I used to wonder how they stooped down so low, then I saw the logo. :--)
I generally do have some confidence it the high-priced articles, but wouldnt spend a fortune for those ugly looking GRT bags just for the brand ;--)

Archana said...

SK - cool, you agree :-D! Designer brands do get some things right but seriously it is funny how people will buy just about *anything* because it carries a designer tag :-)!!

vishesh said...

lol nice idea...i will remember that won't put my house in florida there;)

Anita said...

ok. weren't you the person who bought a Satya Paul saree because I convinced you it is a great designer brand :)
But yeah, I take your point. I am fed up of watching junta buy some really useless looking stuff if the designer logo is nice, big and shiny.

Archana said...

Vishesh - Enakku puriyala :-(!

Anita - ahem - at least it did not have "Satya Paul" printed all over the saree!!!

rads said...

Yesh, it is like we are advertising for them :)

But then again, the quality is far superior, though I'd like to pay a bit more not provide the designer 400% profit!

You bought a Satya paul saree? :O:O picture venum! NOW!

Anonymous said...

The LV bags suck and don't look so good. I hate their grotesque size too.


Archana said...

Rads - what is your email id :-)?

MM - welcome aboard! Ah, you agree too!

rads said...

oooh, orkut ley illiya? hmm.. lets scrap there :)

Saumya said...

you forgot about those infamous "manja pai" - bright yellow cloth bags. I wonder why we are stuck with that yellow (even the traditional wedding invitation is bright pink and yellow for heaven's sake!)

Archana said...

Saumya - hehehe, I guess wedding being auspicious and all should be bright and colorful (and blindingly gaudy) I guess :-P!