Monday, October 15, 2007

An Autumn in New England

On our way

The Cog railway tracks - heading up to Mt. Washington

Icicled grass - below freezing temperatures already on Mt. Washington!

Mt. Kailash might look like this :-D!

At the base - first proper stop to gape at the colors

A canopy and a carpet of leaves

Color palette

Green foliage

Red foliage

Rays of the sun

Dew drops

Kancamagus pass

The return journey


Kaarthik said...

Beautiful locations and good job on the photos.

Altoid said...

:) Was at the same place for fall in 2005. Looks like it was past peak? I have a similar pic of Kancamagus pass.

Joy said...

Beautiful pics!

J said...

Ultimate!! nee eduthiyaa? wow, super'a iruku. Color palette
and dew drops are sooo nice!

Saumya said...

Fantastic.....lovely to go to the East Coast in October - I managed to go 2 years ago, but couldn't get decent photographs because of the incessant rain!

If you want to see some more pics: My cousin also went to East coast

karthik said...

Nice place beautifully taken...

spark said...

absolutely awesome pix :) fantastic fall colors.

Anita said...

wow. really pretty

Archana Bahuguna said...

In one word, breathtaking!

gainlal said...

I set the very first photo as the wallpaper for my PC. I only wish that 13 PCs are available with me simultaneously to enjoy all the pictures as wallpapers!

Archana said...

Kaarthik - thank you :-)!

Altoid - it seemed to be at different stages at various places :-)!

Joy - thank you :-)!

J - most of the pictures were taken by me. The two pics you specifically appreciated were taken by my friend :-)!

Saumya - it rained on two of the days! Thankfully we got lucky the rest of the days :-)! Yup will check out the pictures!

Karthik - Welcome aboard! Thank you :-D!

Spark - thank you :-D!

Sindu - thank you :-D!

Archana - thank you :-D!

Daddy - thank you :-D! All those places looked sooooooooo beautiful!

comfortably numb said...

Beauuuuutttiiifulll pics!!

Divya said...

pretty pretty pics!