Thursday, October 25, 2007

General Stuff

So there was another jujutsu class yesterday. This class focussed on how to free yourself if an assailant grabbed you from the front or from behind. The first self-defense step we learnt in case someone grabbed us from behind was how to hold our arms so to give ourselves breathing space even as we are being crushed.

The 6'3" TA was in attendance. He held us all by turns in a big crush from behind so that we could practise our move. He grabbed the first student from behind and lifted him slightly off the ground before letting him go as the student managed to twist his arms to hold it in the correct position.

Then it was my turn. The moment he grabbed me from behind, I felt all the air in my lungs coming out in one big gasp. And then, he lifted me right off the ground as I stood mummified unable to move any part of my upper body try as I might. The TA looked extremely amused and effortlessly carried the mummified me a few feet before putting me back on terra firma.

Sigh - at 5' 7" I have always
thought of myself as a big person, and here was someone who happily lifted me as easily as though I was a feather. It was a rather eye-opening experience. In spite of all my posturing of learning jujutsu, I wonder just of how much use it would be in real-life if I actually have a well-built assailant attacking me. I really need to say goodbye to all the gentleness and instead start kicking and jabbing "like I mean it".

One of my cousins has this rather strange habit. Whenever S is angry or stressed out, she starts cleaning up the house. The more angry she is, the greater the number of places which get cleaned up. Her mom used to tell us, only half-jokingly, "Whenever the house begins to look dirty, I rile up S just a bit!"

Spotting some convoluted connection, I recalled that story today. Today was not the best as days go. I managed to wake up after some five hours of sleep and then was not able to get back to sleep - aaaargh! So I got in to work at some unearthly hour and only had a cup of coffee to fuel me till lunch time. And guess what, I worked like a woman on fire. So, in order to achieve maximum productivity, I need to be stressed out, with only five hours of sleep and be running on a single cup of coffee. Hmm...

Update on the bowling story: Our HR manager helpfully put up everyone's scores from the bowling game right outside the kitchen where it is highly visible.My lowest score was THE lowest :-(! However, my highest score was higher than the highest scores of at least a few other people. Which was why I stopped myself from whiting out my scores from that display :-P!

I have said it before and I say it again. My friends rock! Whenever I think I am down and out, I just need to talk to them. And then I feel almost on top of the world again :-)!

The moon has been looking very pretty the past two days. Especially today - I think it is full moon tonight. Stick your head out of the window if it dark right now. :-)!


சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

//The moon has been looking very pretty the past two days. //

Probably because the moon is nearer to the earth now and will be seen 12% bigger than normal days. Most of the times when moon comes close, only cresent could be seen, but now a rare case of full moon is seen.

If you can read tamil

SK said...

Yeey! I saw the moon yesterday, it was beautiful, it was really close.

Oh yes stress really helps to get the max out of us. I work better with deadlines looming around the corner, procastination is my middle name.

J said...

nice post, Archana. I started liking your blog more and more these days. dont know why :-)

Archana said...

Ace - oooh, that makes sense :-)! Another friend was telling me the same thing (and of course, I tried to come up with more convoluted logic :-D). My Tamil konjam weak :-(!

SK - :-)! Hehehe, I "compensated" for all the hardwork of Thursday on Friday :-P!

J - thank you so much :-)! You just made my day :-D!

Saumya said...

Nice template for the blog Archana.

Well...could I be your cousin by any chance? I mean it got a bit spooky when I saw 'S' cleaning the house when angry - sounds familiar :D

Anyway...congrats on a productive day, moon is lovely. Huge TA made you feel petite, that is the positive spin and you are getting better and better at bowling!

You can judge a person by their friends, so I am sure you are an awesome person to have lovely friends.

Kaarthik said...

Hey Archana, I like the your blog's new look.

Archana said...

Saumya - is today National Sweetness Day :-D? Thank you so much for all your nice words... mez all grinning :-D!

Kaarthik - thank you :-D!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Archana, Nice new look on your blog!

Anonymous said...

A very nice blog you have here and it made a very interesting reading for me.

A read through a lot of your past thoughts so, I guess I owe you a lot of rupees for reading them today.

Good work. Keep it up.

Archana said...

Archana - hey, thanks :-D!

Anon - Welcome aboard! Thank you so much :-)! Its okay, introductory offer, free trial ;-)!