Thursday, January 10, 2008


Life can never get so bad that it can't get worse. I have been working so sincerely the past few days. Coming in early. Going back beyond my usual work timings. Working really hard in between. Hardly doing any surfing or blog-hopping or news-reading or anything non-work related.

So how do I get rewarded? By a hard disk crash. I came in early yet again this morning - all set to finish my tasks. And pressed ctrl+alt+del to log on. The machine rebooted by itself and then died. I am now resetting everything from scratch on a temporary machine. And will later have to transfer all that work to a permanent machine. There goes one whole work day at the very least.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Why do I even bother trying to be a worker-bee in the first place?


T said...

All gets easy once you realize that S*** happens and there's nothing you can do about it. I think this happens to anyone and *maybe* you killed your computer by working harder and using it more.

I think this is simpler compared to "pour a whole mug of coffee on your laptop". wait 2 secs... panic.. and now have your laptop upside down to remove the coffee only to realize you screwed up more, now that you have coffee soaking your carpet too. :)

my motto in life:
Bart Simpson: [face is completely red, sobs] This is the worst day of my life.
Homer Simpson: The worst day of your life *so far*.

Archana said...

T - thanks a lot dude :-)! I feel better after reading that :-)! The motto is awesome - I am contemplating making it mine too!

rads said...

lol, sorry - this is why too much surusuruppu un-necessary :P

It's ok. Take it easy, at least you have a reason na? :)

SK said...

Hey Arch,
Really sorry to hear this. But of course, its your comps way of asking you to take a break, and not work so hard.

Dont worry too much, you have an excuse to while away some time, cherish it. ;--)As someone said, if life gives you lemon, make a lemonade (or something like that)

Archana said...

Rads - naan enga pannanum-nnu keitien! Had to be surusuruppu :-(!

SK - thanks :-)! My comp got fixed later in the afternoon. Apparently it wasn't a fatal problem - yaaay :-D!

No break :-(. I was saddled with another computer pronto and had to start work on it instead :-(.

Anonymous said...

That officially sucks. The only good thing is that you have a weekend to look to. Just get ahead today.

Deeps said...

Adding to what SK has to say, if life gives to lemons, find someone who has vodka and throw a party :). Cheer up, you now have an "official" excuse for not having completed your work :).

Archana said...

Anon - yaaay - weekend is here :-D!

Deepthi - heheheh :-)! Other than driving me to drive my colleagues crazy with my whining, this stupid failure did not help with ath else :-P!

Sumana said...

Well at these times it is very easy to convince rather then get convinced, so will leave you here with an all the best.

Archana said...

Sumana - thank you :-)!

J said...

Ugh really. And read your comment and came to know that things are okay.
enaku elaam, type panna email ponaalae sema kadupaayiduven :-)

Archana said...

J - hehehe - thanks for empathizing :-)!