Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Conversations with friends

Conversation #1

So, what do I get if I do you this favor?

Friend-1: A prize.

Me: Ooooh, really? What is it? What is it?

Friend-1: Oh, I can't tell you now! The prize is a secret!

(Time lapse.)

Me: Okay, I am done! Where is my secret prize?

Friend-1 (in a sad voice): I can't give it to you! Otherwise it will no longer be a secret.

Me: Grrr!

Conversation #2

Me: You so don't look like Keanu Reeves.

Friend-2: Of course I do! I know I look like Keanu Reeves.

Me: Yeah right! Other people are supposed to tell you that!

Friend-2: No way! I am the only person who has looked at my face every single day of my life. I should know better than anyone else whether I look like Keanu Reeves!

Me: ....

Conversation #3

(While listening to this song from the Tamil movie Bheema)

Man, this song sounds very familiar.

Friend-3: Obviously it does! After all it is composed by Harris Jeyaraj. Didn't you know Harris Jeyaraj is very popular among all OOPS managers?

Me: Huh!?! No. Why?

Friend-3: No one else has mastered the concepts of reusability, inheritance and polymorphism quite as much as he has!

Me: Hahahahahah!

p.s. In case you are wondering, nopes - did not make any of this up!


Anonymous said...

seems your friends are like u...

J said...


Bharathis said...

oh, those are technical terms? Was wondering why you were using such words in every day conversation!
Lucky for computer scientists, Americans invented it and used plain English names for technical terms! Otherwise you would have had to use long Latin names like students of other older branches of science.

Joy said...


Archana said...

Anon - birds of a feather and eth :-)!

J - :-)!

Bharathis - hehehe - they are :-)!

Joy - :-)!

Dimplicious said...

He he...These jokes have been the most-said jokes among my friends now...Damn funny..I luv d way u hav written it up..Too cool!!!

Archana said...

Dimplicious - :-D!

Divya said...

1- clever friend
2- plain hilarious! Sigh..... oh for a Keanu Reeves lookalike....