Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let it snow

I had major doubts about my choice of vacation destination when I noticed that the first reaction people gave whenever I said "I am going to visit Wisconsin in Feb" was a look of incredulity followed by laughter and concluded with an unsaid "You are sooooo crazy".

Not surprising since the Mid-west is one of the chilliest places to be around in winter. One of the Wisconsin friends I was visiting said the temperature, with wind-chill factored in, was at -35°F the day I booked my tickets.

I am the kind of person who pulls on her warm winter woollies and finds a comfortable spot near the heater when the temperature goes anywhere below +50°F. Still, one ought to experience different experiences, no?

Yesterday, I got back safe and sound from Wisconsin. How was the trip you ask? I have simply fallen in love with snow :-). Believe it or not, I actually had a slight twinge of sadness when I landed in San Jose last night and confirmed that my fantastic wish of seeing snow-covered grounds in San Jose was not going to happen.

My Wisc friends tell me that the joys of snow pale pretty fast after a winter of living in it. But as of now, my head is still filled with thoughts of wintry white fairylands. A fairyland where I walked on a frozen lake, threw mounds of powdery soft snow, built a snow-girl, stretched my arms out blissfully as I stood under falling snow-flakes, stepped off the sidewalks to see how deep my feet would sink into the white mass on the ground, sat by the big window of heated house watching the world turn white ...

Instead of justifiably whacking my besotted head, my friends totally humored me (I have said they rock, right) even when I admitted that I was cold and numb but was having too good a time in the snow to get away to a warmer spot :-) and when I insisted on treading on the icy sidewalks "just to see how slippery it is".

Ah, snow!
The first snow-girl I have ever made. Note the "ribbon".

Stark trees beside Lake Michigan

Watching falling snow from the cozy confines of a fifth floor apartment

The ivy covered walls looked ethereal

Sleet covered roads

I thought the white cap gave every house a fairytale look!


Anonymous said...

Yeah - you are officially certified crazy! I am still trying to find the fairytale image in the houses covered in snow!

But, its hard to disagree when someone is sooooo blissful :) Enjoy!

- A

Floridora said...

Did you lie on your back and make angels in the snow?


SK said...

I am so glad you enjoyed Wisconsin. :--)
Snow is nice, for the first two years may be.
It is beautiful to just see thats it. For which Tahoe is the best place to visit here :--)

Joy said...

Snow and the next day shouls be bright and sunny. I would not ask more from weather. Yeah, snow is enjoyable as long as you do not have to drive in it. Have you watched movie Edward Scissorhands?

rads said...

haha, someone's an official convert. So smitten. :)

See, this is why I love VA. I get to enjoy ALL 4 seasons, the wisc snow, the CA sun, and everything in between :)

DivSu said...

You actually did? I went to school in Madison and I spent four gruesome winters there;) If you were to spend another winter I am sure you would have a totally different opinion;) I go recruiting back to school every year and make very sure I don't go in Spring semesters (Feb) and just go in fall;) That is how much I like it;)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Seems like you really had a great time. The snow-girl is fantabulous and so is her ribbon.

Archana said...

A - lol :-)!

Floridora - no, did not make angels :-(! But traced out giant patterns on snow - does that count :-)? p.s. was that the word verification you got?

SK - thankfully, no tornadoes ;-)!

Joy - nopes, what is special about the movie? True - driving would be scary I guess.

Rads - man, there is a VA patriot :-)!

DivSu - lol :-). It is interesting to read the views of the "weathered" people :-)!

Archana - thank you :-D!

Floridora said...

Arch, Yes that was the word verification all right. It took you less time to figure out what it was than I took.

Archana said...

Floridora - hehehehe :-D!

J said...

wow, super pics. good to know that you had a great time. naanum un katchi dhaan. snow romba pidikum. 2 winters paathuten, but still I love walking/watching while it snows here. btw, the snow girl is soo cute :-)

Archana said...

J - cool :-)! Finally one more person who has positive things to say about snow :-)! Yep - we were so proud of the snow-girl :-D and felt sad (!?!) about leaving her in the park!

J said...

>felt sad (!?!) about leaving her in the park!

achachooo :(

hey, btw, co-incidentally today its snowing like anything here...abt 7 inches :-) took some pictures. thought of sharing with you. engha anupanum?

Archana said...

J - I sent you my email id to your blog yahoo account. Kidaichudha? Thanks for sharing :-).