Friday, February 22, 2008

Should I be blogging?

Just dug out this poem I came across a while ago. Made me think again as to what exactly drives me to blog... Enjoy :-)!

The Misanthrope
(Oronte and Alceste are friends who are in love with the same girl - which perhaps explains Alceste's rather cruel review)

In short, I am your servant. And now, dear friend,
Since you have such fine judgement, I intend
To please you, if I can, with a small sonnet
I wrote not long ago. Please comment on it,
And tell me whether I ought to publish it.

Sir, these are delicate matters; we all desire
To be told that we've the true poetic fire.
But once, to one whose name I shall not mention,
I said, regarding some verse of his invention,
That gentlemen should rigorously control
That itch to write which often afflicts the soul;
That one should curb the heady inclination
To publicize one's little avocation;
And that in showing off one's works of art
One often plays a very clownish part.
You're under no necessity to compose;
Why you should wish to publish, heaven knows.
There's no excuse for printing tedious rot
Unless one writes for bread, as you do not.
Resist temptation, then, I beg of you;
Conceal your pastimes from the public view.

-- Moliere


Prash said...

Well.. uh-hmmm...Was that girl so beautiful? huh?
Probably Oronte shouldn't have asked Alceste's review. I do not ask any one at least.

Bharathis said...


If all follow these rules, blogosphere wouldn't exist!

Sumana said...

Alceste is very straightforward, had a great laugh. But seeing all the wonderful blog writers in the blogosphere motivates me to write but reading this, i have the same question as you.

Joy said...

Yes, you should be blogging as people are out here is blogworld waiting for your post.As far as Alceste goes, if we really think, there are lots of things we do to get other's attention and there is really nothing wrong in it. One thing I do purely for my own self without telling everyone, is reading books. There, I told you even this....

Archana said...

Prash - not asking for other people's opinions, especially on one's blog, is probably the safest approach!

Bharathis - lol - true :-D!

Sumana - I believe the standard phrase is "Ah, but I blog for myself. Readers can choose to ignore me if they want." ;-)!

Joy - hehe, thank you :-)! Don't worry, I do not consider it boasting :-D!

Bead Rifle said...

To publish is to tread on fine line,
Grandeur and an attempt for the same encloses such line.
But irony plays the sly one and broadcast is the lone avenue for either prospect.
To tread on such fine line compels utmost deliberation,
and history assures the attainibility of the cherised side..Pace with care.

Archana said...

Bead rifle - Welcome aboard! Wow - that seemed like a whole lot of four-syllabeled words :-)! But konjam too much advice for a chumma blog :-)!

Divya said...

Ouch... biting comment that! But au contraire I think... Writing for yourself or pleasure is even more worthwhile than writing for a living, what say?