Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dieting tips for the new age

Most people keep cribbing about how they need to lose weight. This is a common refrain especially among the female of the species. During one such refraining session, a colleague said, "You know what, instead of striving to eat lesser, all that a person needs to do to achieve optimal weight is to grow taller till they are proportional for their weight."

Aha. Now there's a thought. I have never consciously tried to grow taller and all the height I have so far came by on its own without me staying away from as much as a celery stick. In fact I distinctly remember that eating well contributed to my height.

Based on this evidence, growing taller seems to be a more hassle free and enjoyable alternative to eating lesser. Of course, there is the caveat that sometimes, before reaching optimal weight, a person might need to extend vertically till his/her head is sticking somewhere into the ionosphere. But hey, tall is good (for reference, look at the heights of super models).

So I am all set. From now on, off with watching what I eat and other old-fashioned ideas. Only growing taller for me.

Now, if someone can tell me how I can communicate to my body that it is supposed to grow vertically and not horizontally whenever I eat.


Anonymous said...

oh that's easy, eat dinner and get onto a POGO stick :P

Am sure the body will get the fact that it needs to expand vertically, as opposed to sitting on your behind and growing widthwise.

Joy said...

How about hanging upside down from a tree? Anyways, we cannot grow taller after 18 years of age. So, you don't have any choice except increasing your shoe heel size.

I am reading this post eating an icecream cake!

Archana said...

Kowthas - lol :-D - adhu seri. Trust you to come up with brilliant ideas!

Joy - heheh. Of course I know that - let me do a little bit of wishful thinking, will ya ;-)? Icecream cake sounds yummmmm!

Shilpa said...

If you really want to feel tall - hang out with short friends heheheh

or buy one of those weird mirrors that make u look taller...

vishesh said...

oh so too are another vertical :)

J said...

Archana, eppadi ippadi elaam? :))

Bhai with Chai said...

hehehe! good one! :)
Umm, see.. we're generally sitting while we're eating and we grow horizontally.. try lying down straight and then eat.. maybe some outputs will be traced vertically!

Sad, I know! :D
Anyhow, exercising helps! Both the 'weight' and the 'feel good' factor! :)

Bhai with Chai said...

@ shilpa
//hang out with shorter friends

rocking! :D

Archana Bahuguna said...

Or just wear high heels .. :-)Btw there is a lesser known problem of people trying to gain weight... :-)And no, that's not a simpler problem!

SK said...

Good idea! Thats why high heels works :--))
And I suppose models look thin bcos they are tall! I am sure if I were 5 9 or 5 10 I should be thin too! Now theres a dream. :--D
ArchBahu, bah, can we exchange whatever?

Robbie said...

haha! I visited your blog after almost a year and found out that you wanted to grow taller!! I searched online to see if this was possible and found this possibly bogus website for you :P
Okay!! I know I might have gone over the top with that but on the more serious note... I am getting married this december!! gee! Just wanted to update you with this information since you have been in the know how about things! haha! alrighty will visit ya the next time you write something interesting. Btw! I am kinda back to blogging. sorta! dont know how long this will last though.

Aneesh said...

Yah, nice tips, I guess hanging continuously will make you tall, but you should be in a growing age.

Ginkgo said...

well remember..that scene in that captain movie..prabhakaran...
Have ppl tie ur hands and legs to 2 corners of that pole..and it will stretch u automatically..:)

Archana said...

Shilpa - adhu seri!

Vishesh - puriyalai :-(!

J - I think romba moolai valardhu kaadhu veliya kotra naala thaan :-P!

Bhai with chai - wah, wah - what logic - lol :-D! Ahem, if exercising was all that easy to do, you really think I would come up with such brilliant theories? And oh, welcome aboard :-)!

Archana - I think you will get beaten up if you complain about problems of trying to gain weight ;-)! But yeah, I guess there is a problem there too.

SK - hehe, though I am sure if I was 5'9" or 5'10", I would just be heavier to compensate for the increased height :-(!

Robbie - Nala irukku idea! Congratulations again dude :-D! Baaki kadhai engey, engey??

Aneesh - welcome aboard!

Ginkgo - trust you to come up with this idea!