Monday, June 09, 2008

Something smells gooood

Yesterday, I visited the mall after a long time. I found that my favorite splurging store, Bath and Body Works, was having a summer clearance sale. My eyes had hardly registered the word "sale" when I found myself standing plumb in the middle of the store.

I picked up a very promising looking bottle of body lotion made by the Bigelow company. That company makes a mean lip balm, I tell ya. The body lotion ought to be good too, I decided. Besides, the bottle said the lotion had the natural fragrance of almonds. Best of all, it was 75% off - woo hoo!

Late last night, before going to bed, I eagerly tried on my new lotion. It smelled divine alright. Of freshly baked almond biscotti. Suddenly I found myself very very hungry. And I stared longingly at my lotioned arm.

I forced myself to not taste some of that yummy smelling lotion and instead snacked on some unhealthy stuff. Finally I went off to sleep, dreaming of cookies and cake. As if I am not already surrounded by enough food temptations. Bah!

But frankly, that wonderful smell is totally worth it!

p.s. The lotion itself is light and smooth. Very nice

p.s.1 My dad expressed relief that I had not bought the lotion before the Yosemite trip. He said that he had no doubt that some of the bears would have taken up residence in our cottage there then!


vishesh said...

note this ad is tried and tested at home...?

Altoid said...

Hehehe, and most of BBWorks stuff is usually fruit based. I am always skeptical about lotion that goes plum ecstasy. Not sure if I want to smell like a plum at night.

Archana said...

Vishesh - ROFL :-)!Now that you pointed out, the post does sound like and ad - heheeh. Hmm, I shd contact B&B for money I guess :-P!

Altoid - I find the fruit based stuff kinda weird too - lol @ smelling like a plum :-)!

Lekhni said...

So, all you need to do is color it yellow and it becomes badam halwa?

SK said...

Heehee, I try to stay away from fruity, nutty creams, lotions from BBWorks. Does feel a little weird, like Altoid says. :--)

Shilpa said...

LOL abt the bears comment...!

Hmm...I went to the sale on sunday and bought more than I planned as usual !

Saumya said...

If you like lotions, you must try some of the heavenly stuff in Victoria's Secret. AMAZING I TELL YA! Their face wash, body wash and creams are the best! Try amber romance hand cream. I keep it at work, and believe me - most of my friends who are girls want some everytime I dab some on!

Archana said...

Lekhni - Oh no - like I needed to be reminded of other food stuff too while smelling it!!

SK - heheh :-)!

Shilpa - I immediately thought of you when my dad said that :-)! Ah, I would love to hear about your loot :-)!

Saumya - okie, next time first stop at mall is Victoria's secret :-D!