Friday, August 15, 2008


Happy Independence Day!

I am wearing green clothes, white slippers, kinda-orangy earrings and blue hair-clips. My parents said that unless I wore signs pointing to the latter two, no one is going to notice it. Ah well, its the thought that counts! A few of us desis from work are planning to grace an Indian restaurant for lunch later today.

Dressing up and eating is a quintessential part of any Indian celebration. And I am proud to be doing both for I-day :-D.

What are you doing?

p.s. anyone who says stuff like, "O - I am going to do social service", "I am speaking for India in the UN" and similar stuff will be whacked - hmph.


Vivek said...

nothing much.. just lazing around at home enjoying a holiday... and wishing friends i can find online a happy independence day... ;)

vishesh said...

today is 16th! oh! ops forgot there it is 15th? hmm...have a nice time...:)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hey belated happy independence day wishes to you! :-) Just a little busy with work and stuff and totally out of creativity these days ... My second writer's block in 3 years :-). Not good!

Archana said...

Vivek - that sounds like a good independence day :-)! And oh, welcome aboard!

Vishesh - lol :-)!

Archana - Not good :-(! Do you want me to help you move that block for you. Like, say, by, um... tagging you or sth :-P? But seriously, good luck - hope you find time to post soon!

Saumya said...

To each his own:

I made a dish that has orange, white and green in it, with a blue M&M stuck in the coconut milk for the chakra :)

Enjoy maadi!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Thanks Archana, your comment made me finish one of my drafts :-). I have already three tags pending including one of yours ;-). Hopefully I will get out of the dry spell soon!

Archana said...

Saumya - too much only!!

Archana - nice to see you post again :-)! Adi paavi, my tag is like what, three years old :-(?