Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fact for the day - 2

Celery eaten as Cream of Celery soup with (important!) a side of toasted sourdough bread is actually quite palatable. Even though each serving has quite a generous quantity of celery in it. I still am not a celery fan though and will think twice before stocking up my fridge with celery again.

Soup made by yours truly. Not so the bread.


Rads said...

I agree. Celery soup is quite nice. I had it sitting post-delivery in a Dutch speaking hospital and I remember wolfing down everything on the plate.,

Maybe it was teh hormones... hmm.

Sands said...

Hi. I am not a big fan of celery either but tried celert thokku and was very yummy :) And you can use up quite a bit of the celery too ;)

Prasanna said...

havent eaten celery so far...but the soup looks like cream of mushroom and therefore yummy! :)

J said...

I have never tried celery..cocunut chutney maathri therinjuthu :p

why did you relate super model (old post? what's the story with that?

AMIT said...

I too have not tried this.

Lingerie Bookmark

Anonymous said...

read it. made it. loved it. continue posting more recipes.