Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A happy ending

Have you heard this saying which goes, only the child which cries gets milk meaning that unless you make a fuss, you are most probably not going to get noticed?

Well, I learnt that for myself today. Two days after I wrote my mighty annoyed post about the misleading cancellation policy at 24-hour fitness, I found a message on my answering machine from a Jennifer at 24-hour fitness who wanted to discuss my troubles with the cancellation policy. With a slight dawning of hope, I tried calling her the next day, but got her voice mail repeatedly.

This morning, I tried her number yet again and voila, she answered. As soon as I said my name, she recognized me immediately and even before I could say anything, she said that they would not be charging me for the month of May because I felt so strongly about it (duh, I bet other people who were forced to pay up in a similar way would have felt quite so strongly about it too). And since the last month was paid for, I could continue to use the gym till June. In other words, everything would work out exactly how I wanted it to in the first place!!

I reiterated to her that the gym employees had given me misleading information about the cancellation policy and Jennifer said that it was "mis-communication" and in any case I would not be charged for May. Hip hip hooray!

I don't know whether this one-eighty degree change in attitude happened due to their pity for my whining or because they thought I was going to take some action against them. In any case, I am pretty sure I *would* have been charged had I not expressed my "strong" indignation.

Ya, so the child which cries does not get to pay useless fees too.

Also, people who want to become members at 24-hour fitness can now do so if you promise me to whine nice and strong if you see any sign of ripping off :-).


rads said...

..or maybe they just read your post and got antsy on the power of the pen! :-)

It is true though, unless you put your foot down, people walk all over you. Learning little lessons along the way.

How have you been? Totally forgot me eh? :( *waahhhh*
Is this whining working? :p

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to hear that Jen was able to resolve your issue, and hope to see you soon at the club! We really appreciate you being a member of 24 Hour Fitness.

Vincent Cheung
Chief Customer Officer
24 Hour Fitness

Doli said...

Lovely blog! I really enjoyed reading each and every one of your posts! :)

Floridora said...

As they say (some of "they"} in my home state of Joisey --"Very good done". '

vishesh said...

I I am going to fuss about that I don't have a wii yet :P

Funny videos said...

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Saumya said...

I bet somebody mailed your post out to Jennifer!

Glad to hear it all worked out.

J said...

Cool :-)