Friday, May 22, 2009


So you know how nowadays many weddings offer free on-site mehendi drawing to guests in one of the many the pre-wedding functions. Last year, I spotted one such mehendi artist at my cousin's wedding and promptly went and showed my hand. I got a minimalistic but cute design done across the back of my palm. I was hardly done crowing over its prettiness when a friend promptly managed to smudge it. Giving him a glare which could have melted the Himalayas, I got it corrected by the mehendi artist. Then the clarion call sounded for dinner.

Of course nothing stands between Archana and her food and I was well at the front of the line for the sumptuous buffet spread. I was making my way through getting servings of the yummy dishes, safeguarding my mehendi decorated hand, when a young guy appeared out of nowhere and rudely pushed his way in ahead of me without so much as a muttered 'Excuse me'.

I was startled and annoyed but there was nothing I could do and I proceeded down the line after him. A bit later, when I glanced at my hand to re-admire the mehendi design, I got a shock when I realized that pretty much all of it had been rubbed away. Darn - that rude person had spoilt my mehendi - grrrrr!

I was ready to get all upset and direct my angry gaze upon rude guy when I spotted him and realized that most of the mehendi on my hand had transferred itself to the sleeve of his shirt. Which, till a few minutes earlier, had been a nice milky white.

FOr a moment I was filled with guilt but glee took over almost immediately. Retribution - ha! Since I spread word to my cousins I had plenty of spies to report exactly when rude guy realized that his shirt sleeve now had new designer patterns on it and was also able to note his expression. That would teach you to not cut lines, dude!

It is so true, that old jungle saying: "Never mess with the mehendi on a woman's hands or you will be sorry."

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rads said...

am so peeved you didn't snatch my mehendi hands *sigh

Laksh said...

:) Smiled reading your post and thought "Nanna venum!"

Meira said...

hee hee. Good thing!
I had to sit for 2.5 hours for the mehndi guy to complete his designs on my arms and feet, and another 5 hours to let it dry...on my wedding. Never again, I've decided :D

Saumya said...

Wow...what a coincidence this is? I tried putting mehendi on my daughter's hands for the first time in my life, and though the results were nowhere compared to this picture, it was still decent. The whole process was so relaxing!

Nalla venum - I hate people cutting lines!

kutti said...

mehendi vecha kai foto paarthu vera etho nenachitten :-)

AMIT said...

Nice mehndi indeed.

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